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Name: Pdog
Subject: NYC 48 Hours In A Few Hundred Words
Date: Thursday, September 15, 2005
Time: 3:04:02 PM
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NYC 48 Hours In A Few Hundred Words

I went w/o sleep for 33 hours...

It was awesome... No chemicals were used in the sleep deprivation, that's both good and it was also very hard. But!!! I'm tough! I am Pdog, right!

The small summit was a multi board type get together. People from The Couch, RO and GGG MB! We went and visited The shidoobees...

LYL & Al, represented Gasland, as well as myself.

Hooked up with Al early on Tuesday. NYC was hot, it was 90 degrees and humid, rough on my tired and soul. SF has spoiled me. I'm used to temps between 60 and 80, anything outside that and i'm all fucked up. Al went with me to see a friend who moved from SF a few years ago to persue law school. It was great seeing him, we talked and ate. It was a quick lunch at a diner, it took us a while to get it together...LOL!

A funny story about Payphone Al. We put his backpack in my room to keep it safe. After we had lunch he suggested, and I willingly took the advice, that I should try for an hour nap. Now he had two cell phone with him. About 30 minutes after he left me to try to crash my phone rings in the room. It's Scope, Sir Stonesalot and the internets top poster Maxlugar, their down in the bar in my hotel. So I run down to see them. I use Maxlugars phone to call Al and let him konw where we are. Now, Al has two phones, so the one I call, w/o knowing, is in his back pack in my room...

So I really only called my room....


He wound up getting security and going up to my room. He thought I was dead asleep... It all worked out in the end. He found us!

I met the coolest people in the world and we hung HARD!

Two really cool folks are Luxury and Throbby. The best looking couple in the world I might add.

Mrs. Lugar is a doll and between her and Maxy, I really wish I lived near them. They have two beautiful daughters and I'd love to have them as neighbors. That's how fucking cool they are.

SS, is great. Drove all the way from mid state PA. Next to my pulling an all nighter and a half from calif. this guy was a close second on the endurance scale. He was one of the first in nYC and the last one I said goodnight too.

Met the famous/infamous Blue aka: Glencar. Who not only made it to NYC, but was just at the famous Chicago summit, with She Rat, Boomhauer and Starbuck among the privilaged few. This guy is the man! Agent Provactuer, I hope I remember to hug him before we parted ways!

I'm still foggy on the details. I'll tell you this... The folks were top shelf. I felt like I'd known them forever after only a few minutes.

The show was great. I sat right next to the stage on Keiths side! This is what On Stage seating wants to be. Sound was almost perfect, the sightlines were great. I could see behind Charlie, so I saw the band come up right before the show. Watched them hangout during the break before the encore ect... Saw Stones kids on the main stage during the B-stage!

NYC was electric. It had been about 15 years since I was last hanging out there. It was crowded and hot and everywhere there were beautiful women.

Scope made some DVD's for everyone. He recorded all the recent TV stuff. I broke mine within a few minutes. I was so delirious I sat on it and snapped it in half. He's going to mail me a replacement. This guy is cool, with a great smile and a love for The Stones than made me feel so much in the right place.

Before i forget, my heart was filled with so much joy hearing all the East Coast accents... Being from Jersey, it really made my heart warm and feel full. It just felt like home! I felt so safe and like i was with old friends and was safe. Luxury said I was like a little 16 year old... This crew knew how to party, and with style and w/o any pretentions. It was prefect!

Saw Stonesdoug and The Shidoobees at Walters. It was way too hot in there... We hung a few minutes and wet to the show. Which getting in by 9PM, which we thought was perfect, wound up waiting until 10 PM for The Stones. We managed to avoid Canadas shorcoming, which was important!

Right before the show Al came over from his seat to mine. He's good, I don't konw how he did it! He read me the setlist off Charlies drums, he had binoculars. Shit we were only about 40 feet from his kit. Seems Keith was supposed to play Shattered on the b-stage, not Satisfaction! LOL! You could tell something was off!

I can't review the show very well. It was an experience I absorbed, but I'm still dealing with the lack of sleep. I'm a little spacey. It was awesome.

Jagger looks scarey when he's six feet from you. He's so fucking intense. He's always been ugly, but in such a beautiful & sexy way. The man is not natural. Doing what he does, at any age is just impossible! Keith and Jagger seemed to be getting along a bit better. At one point Keith was doing a litle foot dance kinda like Mick. I saw them smile at each other a few times and from as close as I was the energy between them seemed very good. Something wasn't okay for the past few weeks. Maybe they hammered something out before the show, could be why they were late!

I really dug The Marley cover... PIB was awesome... All Down The Line was unreal... It was so tight, fast and just fucking good. BOMH seemed to be pretty long, the way I want to hear it on the record, more jamming ect.. Really dug it, but it's not my favorite on the record.

I both liked and didn't like the reworking on 19th nervous breakdown BUT !!! I like that they're taking risks...

Would i do this again? Hell yeah. This was the best $1,000 I could've ever spent... Worth every penny and all the lost sleep.

I made some good friends and the best memories. This will get better with time. I'm so glad I did it. I thank The stones for helping create suck a great experience!

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