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Name: Keno
Subject: A new Exile review is coming, but first!........
Date: Sunday, August 14, 2005
Time: 11:30:55 PM
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A new Exile review is coming, but first!........

We had one of our rare rainy days here in Colorado today. Well unlike the east cost where I grew up, it wasn't a true rainy day, as it started out with full sunshine and anybody could have been fooled into thinking it was gonna be a nice day. But as I'm my town's only weatherman, it's my job to know what's coming and I knew it would be raining here sooner or later today. So when I retired for the evening last nite, I figured since it would not be the best of Sunday's, why not write some of those new record reviews I was planning on doing for my Classic Rock Site, and I went off to sleep with that in mind.

I was awakened out of a deep sleep at 7:45 AM this morning by my friend Willie's 8 year old son. The two of them crash here every so often, as this is their second home for now, but they weren't here last night when I went to bed at 2 AM, and I wasn't expecting them this morning. Plus Zack 's screaming in my ear wasn't a way anybody should be awaken.... "WAKE UP KENO!". He scared the shit (and sleep) out of me! They wanted me to get up and head on down the road with them, over to the hot springs. I told them it was gonna rain and I wanted to review a few albums today. "It's Sunday, it's your day off, you can't stay in the house all day and work, the sun is shining bright, you're coming with us to Valley View!" said Willie. So I explained to him that I was at the hot springs all day yesterday, that it was gonna rain, and that listening to albums and writing reviews was not work to me. But I got up out of bed anyway, as Will started cooking us breakfast, we had some eggs, fake bacon and toast and then after the two of them tried one last time to get me to go to Valley View with them, and I again said no, they took off for the springs. It was 9 AM. That is too early for me, I went out into the garden, found a couple of ripe tomatoes that I pulled off the vines, looked up at the clear sky and wondered if I should have gone to the hot springs with them (could I have gotten the forecast wrong?). But by noon it had clouded up and by 1 PM the rains came. We had light rain on and off for the rest of the day, and it became cool when the rain started, fall like, with temperatures in the 50s, the perfect weather for hanging in the house and playing music.

I started out listening to Eric Clapton's Slowhand, what a great album! Then I wrote my review and then after that I played another great album - Neil Young's Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, and while I was writing up and typing out that review, I put on the satellite radio. The second song that came on was "All Down The Line". I had know for the last few months that if there was one reason why I needed to re-rated Exile On Mainstreet, it wasn't because I've been taking shit for years from my fellow Stones fans, or that the review I have up needs to be written over. But the truth was, as many of you know, I already started to re-rate a few of the Stones albums and Exile was next on my list. But I was putting this off, as there isn't a single Stones album that I have given a second chance to as much as I've given EOMS - in fact, I figured I've given it well over 100 second chances, and I damn well knew after 33 years that my opinion of this album wasn't gonna change too much after all these years. But would my song ratings for it change that much? I didn't think so, but getting back to "All Down The Line", I knew my rating for that song wasn't high enough, and when it came on the radio, I knew I was ready to give Exile one more second chance, one more time - and that time was at hand.

The following new review of Exile, which will follow this post - well I haven't written it yet (although I will not post this until after I do), but I know what I'm about to write. What I want to say first here is this, since I'm leaving the personal stuff in this post. I had two best friends back when I was a kid growing up, Brian Spizz and Mark Norton. I've written about the two of them here more than once before. Both of them, like me, were Stones freaks and both of them died from drugs a year apart, both being only 24 years old when they died. Like most Stones fans, they both loved EOMS and like most of you here, they could not understand how I didn't love Exile. I tried to explain to them, just like I've tried to explain to all of you Gassers my reasons, but they didn't understand. But I believe today that the two of them are smiling down on me, I think they were watching me as I re-rated each song this afternoon and that made them smile. Now I know, I'm a Atheist and I don't really believe in any afterlife, but then again I've never died either, so who am I to say a part of us don't live on. I might be sure in my mind about the God thing, but the part of me that believes in Zen also believes in Nirvana, and I hope that my two late buddies at least made it there. If so, maybe they are smiling a bit right now, and maybe a few of you Gassers will too after you see my new ratings for a few of the songs on Exile. No, I still feel EOMS is the most overrated Stones album - by a country mile, but yes, it now lands in my Stones top ten album list, and even after I just re-rated the album, I was surprised to see how high it did rise.

The review that follows, in a reply to this post, will become the new second review of Exile for the Album Review Page on this site, but for now, I'll just link to it from there to here, and this is also why I wrote this first part, as this bit your reading now will not be linked to. But be forewarned, I am still not where most of you would like to see me at with this album, I don't think I'll ever get there, as there are still the same number of bad songs on EOMS that I feel still plain out let me this post's reply.....see ya there.

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