A Memory to Share
by Keefer (June 2005)

Back in 94 during the Voodoo Lounge tour, the Stones played 2 dates at Veterans Stadium (Philadelphia). I had tickets for the 2nd show but not the 1st. That is until while listening to the radio (WMMR) they played 4 Stones songs in a row and said that the 1st caller that could name the songs was the winner of a pair of tix. Well the # was busy for at least 5 min. so I didn't think I had a chance. I guess there weren't enough Stones fans around that day cause I won and the 4 songs were: All Down the Line, Luxury, Start Me Up, Rip this Joint

The seats were in row 20 something dead center on the floor. It poured rain that night but that only made more memorable. Still one of the best shows I've been to. Anyone else have a memory to share?

Partner in Crime

A radio station in Dayton, Ohio had a weekend contest for the B2B tour, if you were the 7th caller after they played a Stones song, you got the B2B cd and also the pay-per-view of show on cable for free. You also got your name throw in a hat for the grand prize, 2 tickets for the St. Louis show, airline tickets, and a hotel room for the night. I was the 6th caller once and thought that was my best shot. But around 11:00 pm on Saturday, I was caller 7. I was happy as hell that I was going to get the B2B cd since I hadn't bought it yet and free PPV of the show. On Monday I got a call from the radio station and they asked me if I had been the 7th caller on Saturday night and they said they were just confiming the information that I had given to them that night. Then they told me I had won the trip. I just totally flipped out. Flew out to St.Louie day of the show and stayed at a hotel right down by the Arch. Only had to walk a few blocks to the TWA Dome. The seats were in the last row of the 3rd section 2 seats over from the walkway to the B-stage and when they came to the B-stage I was right behind and to the left of Charlie Watts. The one thing that sticks in my mind is when they were on the B-stage Mick threw a pair of panties behind him and they landed right on Chalies snare drum. You should of seen him try to keep the beat and shed his snare of those panties. It took him a couple of swipes, and he never missed a beat. I LMAO while this was going on. After the song Charlie and D. Jones had a good laugh about it and then Mick came back there and Charlie told him what had happened and they all laughed about it. It was a great show and have the DVD to always cherish my one radio contest victory. The DVD doesn't have the song that this happened on though and is also missing Taj Mahal singing Corinna, that is my only disappointment with the DVD. Flew back home the next day, felt just like one of those jet setter types. 22 of the happiest hours of my life.

So, for all you Gassers out there, never give up hope on scoring some tickets for the Stones, you might get lucky and up, up and away !!!!!!!!!


RE: MSG 98

T&F, I was the one puking his brains out right after the Stones left the stage Saturday night. I told this once before, but as I was walking into the show with my friend some lady went apeshit on her boyfriend, reached in his pocket, and threw his money in the air. No one noticed this but me and I picked up $300 off the floor. My friend and I used it for drinking money and got totally wasted. I danced for the last hour of the show, and as soon as Mick left the stage I let it all out! Man those were fun shows.


Back in 97, I won tix, airfare, Hotel accom, $99 cash for taxi fare to Opening Night B2B Solider Field!!!!!!!! I had to answer a video trivia ? When we arrived from B'ham to O'Hare, I saved my cash, took the L train for just a buck and quarter to Downtown Chicago. The whole trip and epecially seeing OPENING FUCKING NIGHT WAS AWESOME!!!! Sorry Jimmyjox or whatever the FUCK you name is!


<<It poured rain that night but that only made more memorable.>>

The first night (Thursday, September 22nd) was the heavier rains. It was a real Noreaster. I still remember the winds waking up the ramp of the Vet. The wind stood us up to the point we couldn't really walk or advance easily. It is always winding down there, even on a calm day and that night was really bad. We ended up putting on trash bags as rain coats & wind shields. We had really nice seats on the 500 level right on the rail... unfortunately the rain & wind was a little much that night. I still remember watching a plastic shopping bag just float around the bowl for what seemed like the longest time.

The only memories I can share that involve being upgraded also involves the Vet and a Bowie concert in 1987. We had tickets in the back near home plate and when we got to our seats the sound tower was obstructing our view. There was someone there and we were reassigned tickets on the floor about 40 rows from the stage. Great seats, but we were so wasted that I can't remember much of the show beyond Bowie coming down out of the Glass Spider.

Monkey Woman

Atlanta for the 40 Licks tour. This was my 7th time to see the Stones AND it was my 40th birthday. My friends made me a T-shirt with a picture of the Stones on the front that said "40 Licks" and a picture of me wearing a Stones cap at the '89 show in Clemson, S.C. on the back that said "40 Ticks." I was determined to hang out at the Ritz bar the night before the show because I knew they had stayed there the last time around. We all get there and the bar is mobbed because Gwen Stefani and the guys from No Doubt are in there drinking. We resign ourselves to get some drinks and sit in the lobby. As we're reminiscing about all the great Stones shows we've seen together, my friend grabs my hand and freezes with her nails digging into my flesh. HOLY SHIT, IT'S MICK walking through the lobby to the elevators. My other friend goes "Hey Mick". He ACTUALLY STOPS and says (in very cool British accent), "Whose calling my name?" My friend then says, "We'll see you tomorrow night" and he points at her, smiles and says (again, very cool British accent) "I'll be there". Thus the beginning of the best Stones weekend I've ever experienced. Saw them the next night on the floor, 5th row, right in front of Keith. We had seats on the aisle so I spent my whole time there and eventually, after much ass-kissing, got the security people to let me go on up to the very front. I swear I made eye contact with Keef and it was the best birthday present I have EVER gotten. Won't be so lucky this time as we're in the stands fairly far up, but it doesn't matter. I can never beat '93!!!!!!!!!


Your favorite Stones related memory
by Travellin’ Man
( February 2006) 

For me it was witnessing their B stage performance @ MSG, Ny,NY, only 15ft from the stage. Keith looking straight at me as he played. It was like seeing them play in a local bar for those 3 songs!

Share your own favorite Stones experiences. Be those recollections of concerts or of another nature.

Tattered Tongue

The whole Giants Stadium show. It was my first concert ever, and it's also the best day of my life until the next Stones show I attend.

One horse town

Would have to be my first and only Stones show to date, Pittsburgh, PA ( Super Bowl Champs ) Sept. 28th, 2005.

Best moment would have to have been when Keith struck the first two chords to Jumpin' Jack. Heard a good version that night with no horns. Some honorable mentions would have to be Rocks Off, Get Off My Cloud, and of course when they ripped through You Got Me Rocking, the burg went wild. Loved it, and will not ever forget.


1) The first time I saw them, July 12, 1972, 9th Row in the Indianapolis Convention Center. I went from being a music fan to a Stones Fan in about 90 minutes.

2) Hwy 64 between Louisville and Lexington on the way to see them in Lexington in 1981. Everybody on the road was going to the show and it was like a party at 70 MPH. One babe decided her car was "halter top optional". Yee-haw!!!!

Paul K

I'm sure for many people it is the first time you see the band live. Ditto for me...11/8/69, 2nd. It took forever for the first show to finish and exit. It took forever for the second show to fill and start. B.B. King, then Ike & Tina. Terry Reid was scheduled but thank god did not perform. It took forever for the Stones to take the the stage (not until 2:00 a.m.). The black outfit, the cape, the belt, the Uncle Sam tophat. The slow strong chords of JJF. The guitars. The show started with a rush and closed strong and had a confidently paced, but slower middle. I was entralled with Keith and his playing. As for Taylor, his style I did not not totally get. Some 28 years later I heard this show again, on headphones, totally immersed in traveling back in time. And I was right. A very strong show by Keith and Taylor's playing WAS a bit odd that night.


I remember just about a month ago, at the bell center, my first stones gig.

Keith walking out, and his raising his arm into the air, and then suddenly all was JJF.

I also remember Mick during the middle part of Rambler, my favourite song, walking to the front of the stage, bathed in blue light, speaking out his lines slowly. The atmosphere was incredible.

Ronnie's SMU solo also blew me away... sounded strange on the boot, but live it was incredible

I also remember the first time I heard Shine A Light, it brought tears to my eyes, and is still the only song that can do this to me (though I have to listen to the preceding 16 exile songs first)

And naturally playing Wild Horses for a girl I really liked (did not work too badly)


Asking about our favorite moments opens up a lot of territory. Of course the first time I saw them changed my life forever. You can read what it is like to be in the front row by Keno. It is odd both of us were in the front row during the same tour. But I am going to try to describe more than just a memory. I think it was 75 when we recorded the Brussels’s show off “The King Biscuit Flower Hour.” We were in college. We loved that show and played it all the time on a really good stereo in my friend’s dorm room. .Those small rooms can really get filled up with the sound of four speakers.

Anyway, I know this has to be short. Now…you may think all I write about is getting high, but for us the Stones. drugs, sex, alcohol, and girls were all tied up in a Gorgon’s knot. So one day I took some windowpane and was lying on the bed listening to the show. There are a couple of phases to a trip. One is when you feel your thoughts are transparent and other people can perceive them. Magical things seem to happen like your friend saying the same words as you at the same time. Always freaky. But I was beyond all that and just kind of in a mellow hallucinatory state behind my eyelids. The show was playing loud and I was alone in the room. I suddenly felt that the music was emanating from me. It was no longer external but an internal experience that I felt I was broadcasting. So the music was in me and my thoughts and mood were one with the music. There was no separation between me and the music.

It is hard to describe a trip. But that is not what is important. What is important is that is when I learned the music can be in my body. In the 70s we talked about “vibes” and New Age people talk about “auras.” We were just fucked up. But Keith spoke of how he looked for the “sound” in the music the Stones play. I learned that this sound can be in our body: vibes, aura, sound…whatever. That is all I will say about it now. I have talked about it before a lot of times.

Try this, take a song like “Paint it Black” or whatever you like and put on the headphones and concentrate on the music. If your thoughts wander and you are not intently listening, start over. Do this until you can concentrate for an entire song. There are other things you can do to get the sound into your body but this is where to start.

Of course a concert is the perfect place to concentrate to the music. Always bring yourself back to the show if your mind wanders. A show is good because it is very physical. Dancing, jumping up and down, singing, and in the old days having topless girls dancing in front of you, etc. A very physical experience.

That is how it started for me. The sound is in my body. That is my memory for you.

The other thing is hearing “The Chess Sessions” for the first time. God, I love that music. Thanks Brian.


Well it's a little bit difficult to pick just one as Stones are really part of my life. They kept me going many times, like at the year 2000 when I nearly got mad living in this Catholic propaganda of "the year of God's graces to faithful" or when I first arrived in Japan with nothing as fucking Lufthansa ( I call them Luftwaffe ever since ) lost my whole language. Anyway if I had to pick my favourite memory it would be my second Stones show. It's been Prague 27 June 2003. I was standing close to the stage B, something like 3 meters from Mick. I must say this show had really special atmosphere as it was Mick's 60th Birthday. Surely the set at the small stage was the most exciting for me. It was strange feeling, suddenly all went dark, the only light spot was stage B. I could feel people from behind pushing me to the stage. First arrived Mick, the last one was Keith. I was surprised because Ronnie used this guitar with plastic transparent body he doesn't use very often. First track they did was Neighbors. They played it without sax, so there were 3 guitar solos instead! After this song we started to sing Happy Birthday to Mick and Ronnie joined in playing it slide! This Happy Birthday tune has moved into Little Red Rooster. I was in heaven! I could be so close to them! After LRR Keith and Ronnie were exchanging guitars. First Keith exchanged his Gibson for Telecaster and then Ronnie came to the stairs passed the technician that transparent guitar and picked up electric sitar. At this very moment it became silent you could just hear the helicopter over the place, maybe the audience got exhausted. I shouted at the top of my lungs RONNIE!!! Ronnie stopped, looked at me, smiled and noded his head! I couldn't believe that! Then guys made really amazing version of Street Fighting Man. Keith started the riff, then muted that and then let explode! It was very cool. When they have finished Charlie threw the sticks at crowd and they bowed. Everyone except Mick went to the main stage. Mick went downstairs off the stage and suddenly I was so close to him! I thought I could just reach him with my hand. He put off his shirt and a really nice looking woman passed him warm towel. I know it was a warm towel because before the show I have seen sort of closet behind the stage B where there were many shelfs with descriptions like "warm towels","strings", "talcium powder" and so on. Anyway Mick was close to me and he really is fit I have to admit! Just perfect body. Well, he put on a new shirt, jumped upstage, sent kisses to us and run to the main stage where the band was starting GS. That was it. My the closest encounter with Stones so far.

To end this story a funny episode happened to me then. When the guys were playing Neighbours some girls from the audience were throwing their underwear at stage. One pair hasn't reached it landing on my shoulder instead. I looked around and noticed noone pays attention to that and I quickly hidden that underwear in my pocket. Sorry Mick! After the concert I went drinking and when I was entering the hotel pretty intoxicated and came to reception I noticed the strange look on the reception lady's face. I looked down and noticed undies hanging from my pocket. I looked back at the reception lady and said: "Those... Ah yeah... They're Mick Jagger's..."


Like everyone else, there are so many. If you want just one, I have to go with the Circus Krone show in Munich on June 8, 2003. First row, only 10 feet in front of Ronnie at a club show. It is really hard to beat that experience. 'Can't Turn You Loose' (which is on Four Flicks) that ended the show has to be one of the best things I have ever heard done live period!

Sweet Virginia

Well, mine would have to be the first time I saw them at the Steel Wheels in Toronto. I was 18 at the time. My brother, his girlfriend and my sister all went. We played this drinking game called "up the river, down the river" and we got so polluted I don't remember how we got to the dome. I managed to sober up a bit on the ride there and who do I meet but one of my old teachers from Elliot Lake, haha! We went in and my brother passed around a huge joint of hash and that really put us in a different mood. I can remember Ruby Tuesday - everyone had their lighters up and I started crying I was so transfixed by the whole thing and just couldn't believe I was seeing my favorite band for the first time in my life! One of my best friends were down there front row and she had paid $500 for the ticket, bitch, haha! Well, my sister started getting claustrophobic or paranoid or something so I had to bring her to the bathroom and I'm freaking on her saying "we're missing the show". She splashed a little water on her face and then she was okay so instead of going back to our seats, we went up as close as we could get to the stage and it was during HTW and they had those huge inflatable ladies and it was so cool to see the boys up close. I went to see SW again at the same place not long later with my best friend and we took a stones bus from Sudbury and that was a blast too - they said we couldn't bring alcohol on the bus and her and I were carrying this duffle bag that was totally square like a 24 of beer and as soon as the doors closed, the bus guy told us all we could drink till just before Toronto and everyone on the bus whipped out their pleasures except only one couple on the bus. We had to stop on the highway so that all the boys could get off the bus in a line to piss since the bathroom was so full, haha! The show was awesome, but do you think we should have remembered our bus number, Ronnie? I also went to Bridges in Toronto with the same friend and we had a blast there too.

Hartford Impressions
by Jaxx (April 1, 1999) 

I just got back from the east coast late last night. was too wasted to write, let alone FIND a kinkos to handle this review. sorry to read that you didn't enjoy the show, max. i was more impressed than anticipated.

"Getting Off" on my Cloud in Hartford

I knew this was going to be one of those weekends that sticks with you for the rest of your life...yes, it was THAT AWESOME. Headed into the Big Apple Saturday night for dinner in Hell's Kitchen, then onto Wilton Connecticut, where keith is rumoured to live--and this I can believe, beautiful homes on large wooded properties--quiet and private deer roaming freely. Very Very "keith" indeed.....

After partying all day in Wilton on Sunday, we caravaned to Hartford to catch the show, opting to bypass the goo lads for more of the brewskies offered by the Hartford Brewery. And, yeah. We were howling!!

The Hartford Arena is a funky "little" venue, seating about 16,000. I made my way up to my seats and immediately assessed that they were decent...side stage, but second level...way up there in the boonies and hotter than hell. Everyone started to clap and howl as the video began...Then finally, after what seemed like eternity, Keith finally walked out playing the opening licks of a very raging JUMPING JACK FLASH. Glad to hear BITCH next, since I had caught "Live with Me" at the Denver show. Me, Gazza and Voodoo were dancing and rocking out heavily, grooving on the sites and the sounds off the Boyz in concert. All three of us were genuinely in awe to be in the presence of THE BAND. We were dancing and rocking out heavily, grooving on the sites and the sounds off the Boyz in concert. I noticed that Woody was a helluva lot more animated than he was earlier on in the tour and Keith appeared to be getting off on playing in his adopted "home town". From where I stood, it appeared that whole place was jamming. About the time a kinder, gentler SOME GIRLS started up, I got so hot and clausterphobic up there in the rafters, i had to split.....

I found my way down to the first row of my section and landed a concrete wall for a seat. This view was GREAT....however, it was quite clear to me that everyone around me was a "sitter" and since I WAS encroaching on their seats, I decided to behave myself, stay seated on my perch and groove as best as i could without jumping to my feet. I gotta admit it was tough duty to sit there when I was just dying to get my happy feet into jolly gear. PAINT IT BLACK was its usual haunting brilliance and I took a moment to check out the light show below, continuing to exercise unusual restraint. I was still seated, still maintaining, even through a rocking, nostalgic version of my personal college daze anthem, BEFORE THEY MAKE ME RUN. Then the opening notes of OUT OF CONTROL.....

I was doing fine as Mick began the tune and catted around the stage...cool horns, blue lights....unable to control myself anymore, I jumped to my feet and started to dance wildly about the time the tune crescendo-ed, the lights came on and Mick was making his way to my side of the stage. Everyone around me was still seated. Mick points up at me, dances a few hip shakes with me, points up at me again, then to my amazement, he lifts his shirt up and flashes me those totally awesome washer board abs i've been obsessing over since I caught the show in early February. What a moment, what a thrill, what a Mick Fit Extraordinaire. I stood in shock for a second, reveling in that moment as Mick moved on continuing to work the arena. Then the poor guy sitting behind me gently taps me on the shoulder and quietly says, "Could you please sit down, now?" He didn't have to ask me twice.

I really grooved on finally seeing live my first favorite stones tune GET OFF MY CLOUD on the b-stage. It was upbeat, peppy and youthful...reminiscent of those junior high school feelings of immortality. This b-stage has become the concert highlight. The crowd seems to adore this part of the show and the band seems to get off on the intimacy this scene creates. Very smokey, bluesy barroomish, however a more polished MIDNIGHT RAMBLER than earlier in the tour. Lots of hand slapping and hand shaking occurs on the bridge to and from the b-stage. I was psyched to see the comraderie the band shared with its adoring fans.

Fancy Nancy found me about the time START ME UP began to play and reminded me that we met in a parking lot in Boulder before a Stones Show in '81. We marveled at how much we had changed and grown between then and now, our circle complete. Yet another introspective moment in this very excellent evening. Finally the encore, sweet SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL. This time is always a sad moment for me at a Stones show....but I had just relived my life this evening, got flashed by Mick, and I still had Monday night to look forward to.

Well, what can a poor girl do?


Seats tonight were most excellent indeed. The view was simply stunning. They were those funky seats everyone has been talking about around the side, back corner of the stage. All the costume changes, swigs of water, all the little nuances and "ribbing" between the band members....I saw it all from there. It was like having a back stage pass and I was loving every minute of it.

Since I didn't have a good view of a screen I concentrated on the stage and actually saw Keith pop up the trap door in the opening moments of JUMPING JACK FLASH. I immediately knew "something was up" when the next tune was a perky YOU GOT ME ROCKING, bypassing "Live With Me".....and sure enough, after this tour's mellow version of RESPECTABLE, they dropped in a very funky, sexy GIMME SHELTER. I watched Mick "cue" Lisa for her solo to begin and like the diva she is, Lisa stepped out and belted out her part, every note soulful and clean, in essence, totally Lisa. She really had all the "boyz" in my section "ready to go", if you know what I mean which no doubt escalated during a raunchy HONKY TONK WOMAN.

Then the show stopper. I was bracing myself for a much anticipated "Moonlight Mile" and couldn't believe it when I heard the opening arpeggios and Mick lamenting, "As I stand by your flame, I get burned once again...." I'm in tears. My favorite tune off Sticky Fingers...finally. No doubt a coincidence, but this ballad that I've been quietly requesting around cyberspace was live on stage this very moment for the first time in decades and I was there to witness it. What the hell, I allowed myself to fantasize that The Boyz were playing this one for me. I was entranced with the passion in Mick's delivery, the tearful wailing guitars, the remorseful horns. Serendipity at its finest. "In the silk sheet of time, I will find peace of mind"....thank you Boyz. That was a truly special moment.

Needless to say, the rest of the show was completely rocking. No surprises, but no disappointments. Me and Gazza danced the night away. During the b-stage performance, my proximity was "back of the bar". I was amazed I could still feel the energy and magnatism that these musicians put out. This band has really succeeded in reaching every fan in every knook and cranny of this arena. So very,very nice after decades upon decades of large overwhelming stadium shows.

Keith was mellow and understated to Mick's wild spastic moves. At this close proximity, I could see Mick's mucle tone through his shirt. This man truly has the body of an adonis, and he knows it. Like a peacock, he struts around stage playing the total poser, flexing his arms (most amazing) to display very defined biceps and delts. Then he turns and tosses his head stretching his arms back to reveal triceps and a washerboard back to match his abs...This voguing is definitely more choreographed than the earlier shows of the tour when his moves seemed to be more knee jerk and spontaneous.

After the funky SYMPATHY and the Boyz took their final bow, the crowd became excited again. For a moment we were fooled that the band may once again grace us with their presence....but no. The overhead screens now displayed the end of the NCAA Championship Game and the final seconds of University of Connecticut's cinderella victory. We exited stage left into a frenzied street full of basketball/rolling stones fans. Yes Hartford, you sure know how to go wild.

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Tonight’s rehearsal
by Bekka
(August 11, 2005)

Well, tonight was another amazing night. I swear, I've been on a three day high. lol. as i've mentioned before, mick's personal body guard gave me my wrist band for the concert and michael cole gave me my ticket. I was shocked at that. then last night was the concert which in my opinion, was amazing. then there was tonight.

my dad and i went again just cuz and to see if i could get another album signed. we had been waiting for about an hour and a half and then clive, mick's personal bodyguard and rick, the head security guy came up to us and said come with me inside. who's to argue with him.

my dad and i were very confused at that point. as we were walking across the compound clive explained that we were going to get to see the stones rehearse for a little bit. you could have knocked me over with a feather. we had to leave everything outside, including the camera, cellphone, album (LYL) and the pen. then we went inside with another security guard michelle and clive. we all got in the elevator and rode up to the 4th floor.

the 4th floor ended up being a balcony/catwalk above where they were playing. dad and i got there in between songs, so mick was chatting and joking around with charlie and keith and ronnie were doing their guitar thing. there were white boards all across the front/back wall (depends on which way ur facing) with songs and their key written on them. two stand out in my mind: Infamy, one of the new keith songs and Shattered. Btw, green day was there tonight and i was standing next to them. :O then they began to play...HARLEM SHUFFLE!!! (i know this is good news for many stones fans.)

all i can say is wow! it was great! the atmosphere in there was very relaxed. the boys looked like they were having a lot of fun playing the song, btw, which was amazing!i had to make a conscious effort to keep my mouth closed for fear that my gum would fall out of my mouth! lol!!! when they finished the song, mick looked up at me and smiled and winked and ronnie just smiled! i was on cloud nine.

when i got back out, everyone was clamouring to know what happened. they were all so jealous. then someone else said that a few nights ago that they had had the chance to go up and see THREE songs... Going To A Go Go, Waiting On A Friend and... the one that everyone on this board has been clamouring for... SWAY!!!!! there you have it guys! they have practiced sway!

anyway, i'm still on this high. i can only hope that another something like this will happen tomorrow night.

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Front Row, KC. 99
By Ric
(May 17, 1999)

I recently saw the stones in K.C. on their NS tour and had the pleasure of sitting on the 1st row, keef side, with my wife, 7 year old son, brother and sister, and a very close friend. my son is a stones fanatic. he would rather watch stones videos than cartoons. anyway, my son is a big keef fan so we made him a sign that said "little keef fan" for him to hold up. boy did that get keefs attention. when he strutted out and lashed out the opening chords to jumpin'jack and saw the sign, he grinned so wide and winked at my son right away. He looked at my son, winked, and smiled at him the whole show. we received a total of 4 guitar picks, 2 of them brought out by a roadie from backstage. but the real highlight was when the band returned from the b-stage, we were obviously standing by the runway, keef saw my son, stopped, knelt down, kissed his hands and then touched my sons head with both his hands, then shook my sons hand with both of his. man, what a moment. An experience my son and the rest of us will never forget. oh, the show was killer as usual. sitting on row 1 is the ultimate, especially at $90 (face value).

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Standing at Shows
by Background Noise (June 1999) 

I know a couple of people have touched upon this in recent posts, but I had an experience at the second Boston show that just blew me away. For the first show, all was well and everyone stood except for a couple of people a few rows back, but, hey, that was their choice. But on the second night, I was sitting in a section with a bunch of corpses. About 5 minutes into the show, the people behind me started yelling for me to sit. I turned and told them that I wasn't going to sit for a Stones show, sorry, but we all paid good money to be there, and I wan't going to sit. (Mind you ALL other section and even the back of our section was standing). When I turned back, they threw a beer on me, and when I turned to basically tell them off, the guy punched me. It turned into a surreal situation with security and darkness and yelling. And basically, the security did nothing because "they didn't see it happen". The short of it was that I stood for the rest of the show (and if I had planned on sitting, I wasn't going to do it now). But I had a hell of a headache, and although I tried not to let it effect the show--it did. It put a damper on a show that in all other aspects was rockin and perfect. Now I have tshirt and a shiner to remind me of the show. I guess I am really pissed that people have to be such asses. I mean we were all there to enjoy the show, and we all paid good money to be there, but they felt as if it was ok to sucker punch someone because they wanted to dance to the music. Something is wrong with that. Seriously wrong. Sorry that this post has turned into a bitch session, but I was and am still blown away that during "Live with Me" I was slammed by a "fan". I will never forget it. 

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A Vet View
by Dandelion
(Sept 22, 2002) 

Where to start - had a nice corned beef sandwich at a deli in Philly.... Caught the end of the Pretenders. Not a big fan so it was just the right amount. They sounded very good. Met the guy who sketches on napkins who posts here (sorry I forgot your handle. Thank you for the shirt. Unfortunately someone seemed to have swiped it during the future chaos. Anyway - just before the opening chords are struck and the tension is building - right in the row in front of us (row 10 section A) this weird looking short squat Bette Midler looking troll woman jumps up to stand on top of her seat, then joined by her sleazy looking biker boyfriend and then the rest of the row thinks it's a good idea and forms a wall of assholes and we can't see a fucking thing. Except their lumpen proletariat asses. Beautiful. Several of us nicely try to explain to them that this is REALLY REALLY rude and obnoxious - so they glance back then turn away to shake their bulbous asses in our faces. I am tempted to "accidentally" hook my foot under the big scary dude's chair and knock him off it...but...it would not be fair to the people in row 9 who he'd fall on and he would probably beat me up anyway. So I tell FPM I'm going to get security and make my way past the other 5 or 6 people they were blocking - saying "I'm going to get security" to which I hear "good." So I get to the isle and the security guy cannot hear me and cannot figure out what I'm trying to say and I feel a wave of flesh pushing forward and I decided I better move with it because I don't think working against the tide is the right thing to do right now even if I know I'll be told to go back once they check my stub. At least I may find a security person who will help. I look back and a guy says "I'm following you" not realizing I wasn't exactly in control of the direction myself... In a matter of seconds I'm at row 2 equivalent in a mosh pit in the isle. I could have stepped in front several times but held back since I did not want to get close enough to security to have them checking my stub and wanted to act as discrete as possible. It was evident that those who pushed got pushed back. Then after a few songs it was apparent that they were only checking the ticket stubs of slovenly drunken guys and throwing them back. Being a blonde female was not a bad thing to be at this moment. I decided I had better act the part a little more than my typical Bill Wymanesque concert going abandonment. I pretty much got to stay in the front for the rest of the show. I expected FPM to figure out what had happened and to make his way up - but found out later he spent an hour looking at the Bette Midler looking troll woman's ass. Some guys are weird....

Also seems that the security in that area was not too hot. I just read about Stonesdoug's pregnant sister in law getting PISSED on back there. Charming. Anyway, While I was trying to determine how discrete to be - I heard someone say they were asked if they wanted to work the Stones show for $200. At first I assumed after seeing that Being Mick club show thingy with the bleach blondes all in row that they were talking about the several young girls I was standing next to....but it was just security guy chit chat...I think. So - I'm noticing there are A LOT of these young tiny bleach blonde girls in the isle mosh pit. And they all kinda look the same. Sort of a trashy Pam Anderson/Christina Agularia wannabee thing going. There must have been special clearance for the Pammy looking chicks to be able to crash the front. Glad they made room for a Meryl Streepy looking chick. Later FPM says the Pammy chicks were all over the place. Like there was a factory in Philly making these Barbie Fembots and they all escaped and went to the Stones show or something. And they are all like a size 2. I'm a size 6 and I felt like a beluga whale. Is this some sort of bizzaro hormonal development mishap? Like gilrs dieting starting at the age of four and their skeletons don't develop...??? Weird. So sometime in the middle of the show one of the Fembot's had her boyfriend throw her bra at Mick. He missed the stage and they got security to give it back. Pretty funny. The security guys were cracking up. During the next song (sorry - don't know which one - didn't take notes) I see the Fembot unconscious being passed over the rail. Then a couple songs later the bra makes it onto the stage and it turned out to be yet ANOTHER one. While I was reporting this to Fleabit he said he saw that and she was passed over his row and then out the back. Had to have been another one. So - Fembots are malfunctioning and dropping all over the place, the mobs are pushing, and THEN as if on cue during Gimme Shelter - "mad bull lost his way" - a drunken day trader comes flailing forward with great force. For some reason he manages to talk security into letting him stay in row two or three. Maybe he paid for it. I'm not paying attention behind me but he must have been a real charmer because they rather violently grab him and out he goes and the crowd cheers. Many more Altamont moments. This was so much fun!

The band was in great form even though they were playing the warhorses. Love Train was definitely one of the highlights. I loved Mick's pimp costume. Mick seemed...well....very goofy. He is certainly taking on an interesting way to relate to this odd phenomenon of being Mick in the stadium context. He must get into different head states at the different types of venues. He seemed more distant in a stadium. Although he did point at the Fembot isle mosh pit section and sang "you make a grown man cry" and then started laughing....

I think one of the problems they are having with selling tickets to these things is that there is an issue with what is "best available" The sections in the nosebleeds that were closed to filled were at the far end of the stadium and the closer seats were empty. So what if they have a better view of the monitor? I would never go to a stadium show and not be on the floor. I can't imagine how it would feel anything else but disconnected.

Now I'm tired again. Hope I'm awake by Tower.

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Why did I buy Round Trip Tickets?
by Payphone Al
(September 20, 2005 

Damn, its tough having to return to the daily grind after having such a great time in NYC. I got to catch both concerts and even was able to catch a Sox/Yankees game to add to my list of major league ballparks visited.

I can not compare the two concerts as MSG and Giants Stadium are as far apart in atmosphere as you can get. The stage at MSG was stripped down to almost a club show setup. I have not seen a arena stage for the Stones that bare of trappings in almost 30 years. Excellent venue with great sight lines from every angle I went to. My seats were towards the rear right, second tier which gave me a full on look at the band. The sound from my seat was better then I expected and I was very happy with the set list as it was my first show of the tour. No better place to catch the first show them MSG.

Giants was the full blown stage setup. Not as many bells and whistles as the last couple of tours, but very impressive all the same. Again, the sound was great from my location high in the rafters. I have a love for stadium shows that others here have lost. I take the whole festival feeling in and enjoy what the Stones do so well that other bands only hope to do on a good night in a stadium. Few acts can pull it off. I will not breakdown every song played. Others have already done that much better then I could.

Tickets for MSG were available on the street before the show, but were a harder buy then the Meadowlands. Prior to the second show, I had a lot of time to spare in the parking lot and followed the re-sale of tickets quite closely. Most were going at face value. But, I saw tickets going at half price by sellers who friends bailed out on them before the show and they were just so tired of standing around trying to get rid of the tickets. I doubt that would be the case in cities that only have arena shows.

I can’t say enough about the people that I was lucky enough to hang out with on this trip. Some I have never met before and others I consider old friends. Pdog was in top form, even when I could see he was looking close at the plastic swords in my Manhattans and wondering if they would be strong enough to keep his eyelids open. The man is made of iron. I also got to meet former legends of this board and other boards who lived up to their status. Walking the streets of New York and sharing a meal with these people, despite their eating habits and manners, was one of the highlights of my trip. The tailgating at Giants stadium also was a highlight. Stonesdoug was gracious when meeting him at Walters for the first time since Denver 2/03 and his people were the envy of the parking lot the night of the Giants show. The Shidoobee tent was set up very close to the VIP tent where the limos were dropping people off to their catered oasis. I have a feeling that most of the people in there were wishing they could drop the VIP mode for a while and get real. I even saw Josh hanging with the riffraff, although I didn’t realize it was him at the time. Hi Josh!!! See ya in Miami.

Finally I have to give MAJOR props to Love You Live. He has a heart of gold. When I mentioned that I still had to figure out the public transportation system to get to Giants stadium, he quickly volunteered to pick me up at my hotel in Jersey and give me door to door service to the concert and back. He did this despite the previous arrangements that he had made to transport his friends from Europe from the city to the Meadowlands and back. This action by him but a strain on his time but he didn’t once let on that it was a problem. If anyone gets the chance to meet him during this tour, or hears that he is in the area, search him out. He is the kind of person that I am honored to have met and someone I would call a true friend. Thank you LYL.

For everyone yet to see a show, you won’t be disappointed. I wasn’t.


"I have a love for stadium shows that others here have lost. I take the whole festival feeling in and enjoy what the Stones do so well that other bands only hope to do on a good night in a stadium."

it is interesting, isn't it? the stones are the only band i have ever seen in a stadium, and i can't imagine the need to see another band in that type of venue. no one else is that big; unless, of course, john and george find themselves resurrected with nothing else to do on a saturday night. seeing the stones at soldier was a fascinating sociological experiment - just being in that mass of humanity was something to behold. the night was wonderful, the breeze was blowing, and the beer was flowing.

cool to hear about LYL. in Chicago  glencar/blue from RO was my personal chauffeur. he carted me and a buddy of mine around practically all weekend, in addition to fiji joe and boomhauer. saved us all tons of cash in cab fare. what can i say? the stones bring out the best in people - especially amongst those of us who have a weird, illogical and somewhat pathological attraction to the band.

al, the summit of all summits is being planned for MSG in January. will you be in attendance?


Payphone Al, first it was great meeting you. It was also great to meet Pdog even if it was so brief. Meeting up with some Gassers was one of the nice things about last week. Also many thanks for the kind words, I only hope I can live up to the press for anyone else I do meet this tour. Again thanks, and it was my pleasure giving you a ride... I only wish I could have spent more time tailgating and checking out the Shidoobee site.

I also have to say that you and others have allowed me to find a new respect for the stadium shows. I really loved the MSG show. It has been my only arena show so far this tour. But the stadium shows aren't lacking in any way. I was surprised to hear Buddy say he thought that the Giants stadium show was better the MSG when we were having dinner Friday. That says a lot really... he has been to a many shows and had 3rd row at the Garden with the fan club travel package. I guess my problem with stadium shows is the weather. If it works, there isn't anything better.

You guys really rocked last week Ronnie.

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Blues Heaven
by Fleabit Peanut Monkey
(June 1999) 

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to find myself in Chicago again, and once again the lovely Dandelion was gracious enough to act as my guide through a dream come true. This time the dream in question was a visit to Chess Studios.
For anyone who loves the Stones and has followed this love upstream to see what inspired THEM in the first place, Chess Studios is Ground Zero. Located at the address immortalized by the instrumental on 12x5, 2120 S. Michigan Avenue, no other piece of real estate in the world can compete with this tiny white building for hallowed-ground status. You can talk about Abbey Road, Hitsville USA, Olympic and Sun Studios all you want - Chess is IT. Literally hundreds of songs which I would not want to live without were recorded there, not the least of which are the Stones' exuberant versions of Around & Around and It's All Over Now. The Stones' presence there was icing on the cake, though. The true claim to fame is that virtually everything you've ever heard by Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Little Walter and a dozen other blues gods and goddesses were recorded there. Little Red Rooster, I Just Wanna Make Love To You, Smokestack Lightning, Hoochie Coochie Man, Killing Floor, Wang Dang Doodle, Still A Fool, Standin' 'Round Cryin', 40 Days and 40 Nights, Built For Comfort, Got My Mojo Workin'....whew. I could go on and on. You get the picture.
2120 S. Michigan hasn't been used as a studio in decades. It now houses Willie Dixon's Blues Heaven Foundation, which does so much good work that I can't begin to do it justice -- go to http://www.bluesheaven.com and read for yourself.
No official tours were scheduled for this weekend, but since it was the second time I'd been there, the nice lady who answered the phone at 11:00 pm Friday (we expected a recording) said to come by the next day and she'd see that we got a tour. Besides Dandelion and myself, there was a young doctor, his wife and their infant daughter. We were led into a back room and shown a short video with interviews with Bo Diddley and BB King. Then a nice young guy, a volunteer student from NorthWestern University, started showing us around. There are wonderful framed black & white photos of all the important blues artists- including a great picture of the Stones circa '66 playing on Ed Sullivan. The Stones are invoked throughout the tour; unfortunately things have not changed much since the Stones' early evangelizing turned me onto the blues so long ago. Until he realized that he was preaching to the converted, the student guide often mentioned that Rock and Rap owed much to the pioneering work of the Chess stable of artists. How could it be, I thought, that even HERE the blues had to be explained?
We went through some storage areas to the back door, where artists unloaded their equipment, where legend has it the Keith Richards encountered Muddy Waters "painting the goddamned ceiling" (Marshall Chess claims Muddy NEVER painted any ceilings at Chess; Keith has countered by adding elaboration to the story - white paint was dripping down Muddy's face like a harlequin's tear the last time I heard it!) Then up a narrow back stairway. "You can imagine the musicians carrying their guitar cases up here," said the guide. I was a mass of gooseflesh by this time, entering a realm of serious unreality. Upstairs we saw the fireproof vault where master tapes were kept, and a rehearsal space where Chuck Berry was forced to play 130 takes of Maybelline before the precious tape was allowed to roll. In that room were more Stones' references - a gold disc for "Stripped", sent over because it included Willie Dixon's "Little Baby", and a plaque for Voodoo Lounge signed by Don Was - I don't know why that was there.
Finally we reached the epicenter - the studio itself. I could hardly contain myself. There is NOTHING to see in there, really - some rudimentary home-made acoustic panels, and the big glass window to the engineer's booth. But DAMN is that room full of ghosts! "The musicians set up over there in the corner, and the vocalists here," said the guide. I stood where he was indicating. I stood RIGHT where Muddy Waters first sang "Rollin' Stone", where Chuck Berry sang "Little Queenie", where Bo Diddley sang any number of songs which included the words "Bo Diddley", where Koko Taylor explained the immortal equation "when the fish scent fill the air, there'll be snuff juice everywhere." Where Howlin' Wolf howled. Jesus. I didn't want to leave that spot.
But we did. We saw the pvc pipes that stuck up out of the floor in the mixing room, leading to a maze of tubing which gave Chess recordings their eerie 3 am reverb sound. We went down into the basement and saw the room where Chuck Berry lived for several months when he was hard up for cash. We saw Leonard Chess' office. Then we went back to the reception area and met the angels who make Blues Heaven fly - since the great Willie Dixon's death, his work has been shouldered by his wife Marie and his daughter Shirli Dixon-Nelson, and as luck would have it these wonderful ladies were there, stuffing envelopes - invitations to the opening of the Blues Garden during Blues Fest next week. They were not only polite, they made us feel like family. We mentioned that we'd been there in April when the Stones played, and Shirli said that the band had tried to come by but were prevented by a big crowd and a news helicopter waiting for them. But they had sent over some stuff - a set of Charlie's sticks resided in a place of honor, and Shirli sent a helper upstairs to fetch the lithographs Ronnie had sent over (the lithos looked great! One of Bessie Smith & Billie Holiday, one of Woody, and one of all four Stones circa '94.) Also on display was a small battered Hohner Marine Band harp, played by Howlin' Wolf in 1966 when the Stones had him as a guest on Shindig.
Shirli & Dandelion discussed the difficulty of having Willie Dixon's upright bass accurately appraised so it could be insured & displayed - how do you put a price on something priceless?
Soon it was time to go. A cameraman was there, people were in and out, and Shirli was overseeing the work in the garden next door, but first she pressed invitations to the opening into our hands. Even though she was busy as hell, she insisted on posing for pictures with us, and, when I started blubbering incomprehensibly that this was all a dream come true for me, Shirli (who is a big beautiful woman, obviously her daddy's daughter) gave me a big hug. It occurred to me later that perhaps it is nice for her to meet people who know what a giant her father was, although it is still hard for me to grasp that not everyone knows how incredibly important Willie Dixon and Chess Studios were and still are. All I can say is, if you ever have a chance, take the tour. It's $10, tax deductable, and goes to support Blues Heaven.

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'High' Adventure In The Garden
by Travellin Man
(January 18. 2006)

The experience of taking in a Stones show at MSG and just as important, doing the pre show partying with cool Gassers like Keefer, Human Riff, and Payphone Al etc. turned out to be very much like I thought it would be. An unforgettable fucking blast! Ah but there would be some great surprises in store before the night would end. Hell. At times I would surprise myself.

I flew from D.C. to New York after getting a total of 3 hours sleep at a crappy Manassas motel. Keefer had already arrived at the Ramada. So I met him on the 33rd floor around 1pm. First impression of Keefer: He looks amazingly like a 29 year old version of the front man for the World's Greatest Rock & Roll band! No shit. He could easily go to Vegas and make a living as a Jagger impersonator.(I have photos to prove it.)

Had lunch with Keefer, Human Riff and his friend Matt near Times Square.

By 3pm Keefer, Human Riff, Payphone Al and I were drinking some cold ones and trading stories at the Hotel Penn, 'Joe O's'. (It would be nearly 12 hours later when the constant flow of our favorite liquids would end.) My God did we have a glorious buzz by the time we left Stouts, just before the Stones were to come on. Stouts turned out to be the place to be for the pre show Stones party. Lots of Stones fans, Cyber and otherwise,were there. They had 'Rock And Roll Circus' playing on the multiple large TV screens. Or Stones music. I fell in love with our waitress. Enjoyed flirting with her for hours. We must have arrived there about 5 and left for the show shortly after 9. Talked to the Irishman Gaza(sp?) Thanked him for his setlist page at Rocks Off. He said it took him 2 months to set that baby up. He smiled big in appreciation for my appreciation. Talked to Love You Live who was wearing a cool 'Stones' red baseball jersey. A nice guy as expected.

Everybody was having a good time. And thanks to Payphone Al (my smoking buddy for the day) the first of several cool surprises took place on the sidewalks outside Stouts. The buzz had a new Super form by the time we returned to Stouts for more beverages. Pay Al is a great guy. Thanks for the 'sidewalk of dreams' stroll, Al. And the good conversation all day long.

Time came for us to leave for the show. It was at that time a hand came towards me and the owner of the hand announced he was, 'Torn And Frayed'. Wish we could have talked longer T&F. Still it was good to see you.

I was double fisting two beers, walking back to our seats in sect. 202 when Keith riffed JJF's opening chords. A great opener.

So many have already reviewed the songs I will keep it short and sweet. Love Is Strong was a cool surprise for me. Anytime Mick is on the mouth harp I am happy. And it was a first for LIS this tour.

It made Keefer and Human Riff's night that WAY was played. I was hoping for some more fast paced surprises and I am not really a big fan of 'falsetto Mick' songs. But their excitement made me happy for them. I would have been acting like them had 'Bitch' or 'Respectable' made the setlist.

Midnight Rambler gave me some dirty guitars I was hoping for. Very welcome after WAY and Rain Fall Down. It was a fine version of MR. I could not keep a smile off my face from that point on.

Keefer was "the man with the plan" for the highlight of the night! While Keith was setting up for ,'This Place Is Empty'. I followed Keefer down to the floor and the B stage. How we got past security/ushers I am not going to reveal. But the plan worked. And the disposable camera in my coat pocket suddenly became priceless rather than disposable to me. Oh security would tap me on the shoulder about 3 times to make me show my ticket during the B stage performances of Miss You, Rough Justice, GOOMC and HTW. Then have me move on. They did the same with Keefer. I lost sight of Keefer after awhile. But I remained in the B stage area at times no more than 15 ft. from our Rock Gods!

The moment of the night for me was after being distracted by an usher and moving over to a spot with less people. SUDDENLY and surprisingly (because I was gloriously wasted by now) I looked slightly to my left to see Keith Richards and Mick Jagger only a few feet above me and no more than 20 ft. from me. Keith looking in my direction. That image I do not need a camera for. It is etched in my memory forever!

I would snap some decent shots from down there (remember the type camera though) Still, some fine personal souvenirs.

After the B stage. I was dissappointed to find the the sale of beer was discontinued. Went back to sect 202.

(BTW I remember talking briefly with Jack Flash. At what point of the show that was I don't know.) But he needs to update his Gasser photo. He now looks like he should be in a Rock band. Long wavy blonde hair. And could pass for 18. Good to see you Jack.

So I'm back in 202. But somehow I am not with the rest of my party. There were 6 empty seats. I'm assuming those are the ones. My memory gets fuzzy from here on. I remember some wild young lady kissing me over and over as the concert continued. She would tap me on the shoulder. And when I turned around she would kiss me. This would happen about every 5 minutes. I remember people were laughing and having the time of their lives. I remember dancing and really getting into the final songs. I remember initiating some loud outbursts from our part of the Garden before the encore with a loud southern WOOOOOO! I was high fived for leading a couple of rows in singing the last five songs. Again,  details are fuzzy at this point on for me. But I know my section was having a great time! I was in Rock And Roll Heaven. * And I was getting kisses too! I hated to see the show end.

My bite of the Big Apple was a sweet and one I will never forget it. Hope all of you going to tonight's show have as much fun and get a similarly great setlist.

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C 10

Webmaster's Note: Gassers have held pre and post show parties dating back to 1999, but the C10 are a bunch of Gassers who attended the first Gasland Summit which was not connected to any concert. They got together simply to meet and party over the Stones. The posts connected to this summit are many and stretch out for years after the event - many posts were made at some of the other Stones boards too, even if the C10 was strictly a Gasland get-together. Some of the posts connected to this event were lost, others are hard to find, so here are some of the first ones written during August and September of 2001. (These posts provide a framework for the members of C 10 to fill in the blanks if they wish. C 10 members can provide more details of the Summit at stonesoralhistory@yahoo.com.)

C10, A note from Cleveland
by 2000 Man
, (August 4, 2001)

Saw Max's post about his trip, it'll be worth it in the long run, and I think we'll laugh at your misfortune soon.

Anyway - Everyone has arrived safely (most of them much less battered than Max), and we sat around Sir Stonesalot's room and I'm pretty sure we successfully replaced all the oxygen with smoke. We enjoyed some fine Canadian Strong beer, some finer Yeungling's Black and Tans (and a couple of lagers), Stoli and some nasty looking Dole fruit juice and I heard there was some red wine floating around, but I don't imbibe in that stuff.

The Marko around the world tour travels heavy, let me tell ya! There's about forty video tapes, stacks of pictures and books and a googob of cd's. SDH brought some big Nicaraguan cigars (really big, republican ones), and from FPM we get the next poll question.

Is it pronounced "Kee - Noe" or is it pronounced "Kennoe?"

SDH votes for the former, but it's running heavily in favor of "Kee - Noe."

The catch phrasee for the weekend? Every now and then Marko exclaims "Wait! Two words! Fucking Mad!"

I'm going to the record convention now, we'll send more notes to everyone later today.


Shit! Maxy wasn't there!

I am so close but yet so far.

I was just awoken by the cleaning peopleand I am starting to move.

A cup of that great hotel room coffee and Maxy is on the room to his original hotel!

You'll be pleaase to know I ha lttle Saba Spice left as I passed out before I finished it. It's just on of those little flat bottle though.

Your friend in trouble,


I usually pronounce it very typical Swedish. I can't write it down, but it's more similar to Kee-noe.

Anyway, there is a TV program here that's called Keno. It's about drawing the lots. Sad but true.

Mr. Jimmie

there's a lottery style game you can play in clubs/pubs here called 'Club Keno'.

Keno It is pronounced the same way as the game in Vegas. But has nothing to do with the game.

Mr Jimmie

is that game Club Keno? I always thought it was 'Ken'- as in Ken and Barbie, and 'O'- as in 'O'


This really should not be so hard. In fact, I'm surprised anyone is getting it wrong. It is not pronounced the way you say the name "Ken". It's pronounced like the game - how about this, I'll use two common English words to help you out in pronouncing it...... "key"- as in "I lost the house key" and "no"- as in "no, not again!",.....Put them together and you get "keyno" or Keno.

Hope that helps!

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 C 10, Drunken Post
The Gassies (August 4, 2001)

Followed her to the station

Our Young Boy Joey has returned to our bosom after finally being found wandering the Who section of the R&R Hall O' Fame for literally hours.

Marko is hot -- all you girls fucked up

you coulda had it licked by a pro

crazy bastard

The Meister is back --- didn't know when to say when -- proud of it!

Maxy got a room, finally. Big room w/ mini bar.

Club level with his own private bar stocked with Snapple, and jacuzzi, and vodka -- quite visably shaken -- and a 5 lb. rock.

Film at 11:00 w/ FPM & SDH (MIA) -- Legionaires' disease stikes agin'

Who's fhaarting and what foahh?

Keith will you cool it, I'm trying to stop the farting!

You'll never guess who showed up at the summit -- Octavius Washington -- hard to believe.

Just in case we didn't thank our most kind host this fine evening (under a full moon no less) -- a special gassy outburst for our hero, the lovely and talented 2000 Man & family (ask about the the steak eater!)

From Minneapolis to your neighborhood -- the "mile" -- all I know is what they tell me -- they started with 3 cases of beer and they had one beer left this afternoon. He had a few he says. Let it all ride.

Lugar's back -- where was he? We don't know -- we are most quite visably shaken ("QVS").

Tony says (as interpreted by the Cleveland Gassy Institute):

Play the fucking track

I've got 2 words for ya -- fucking mad!

Anyone that ignored the siren's call of Cleveland can now bask in their collective despair that they missed the frothy, bubbly, milky, filthy goodness that is Cleveland.

As darkness fell Young Joey reached back into his troubled memories of Da Nang. He taught us survival techniques he learned from the Fukawi tribe of headhunters. We brought down a mighty cow in a neighbor's yard and sated our appetites on red meat and milk stout.

An Erie red glow hangs overhead after we all grunted and farted to Exile . A special bonding has now occurred after we drank and feasted around the fire.....by the way , that fire has now spun out of control and has consumed half of the backyard .

Fire is now out. We're all relieved.

Let It Bleed is blasting and we pound along with sticks and pieces of broken furniture. We are reduced to communicating mainly by grunts and farts.

Send help

Ginda, a former maid

A generous tip no doubt be left to the poor souls who will reconstruct the hotel room. All of you should be out stalking fresh livers with Larry this morning.

Larry Hagman

Amen My Sister.....

We all need new livers , and some people need new

lungs.............but that is another story .  

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My God! I am still Alive
by Sir Stonesalot
(August 6, 2001) 

I thought I'd stop by to let everyone know that FPM and I got home alive.

Here are some of my thoughts and observations about the summit in Cleveland:

The only guy who was what I expected was SDH. For those of you who thought it is all an act.....it isn't. That's really what he's like. Amazing.

2000 Man makes great beer. And consumes it as fast as it gets bottled. Thanks again Rick for the hospitality. Hope the fire is out.

Maxlugar is even funnier in person. His secrets shall not be revealed by me.....

Nanker.....Jesus boy, be careful with that shit.

Moonlight Mile.....is the proud owner of 2 of the highlight moments of the summit. I'll get to that in a minute.

Joey....showed up with an M16a1/203, camos and facepaint mumbling something about smack. We treated him very nice.

Maxmeister....the human technicolor fountain. I remember my first beer too! Just because you bought lunch doesn't mean that I'm not gonna let you forget....LOL! Thanks for the Hillside Blues....and take care of my Gassy Twin.

SDH...Did your mom do a whole bunch of drugs while she was pregnant with you? Next time, you ain't driving my ass anywhere. SDH is the only guy I know who drinks wine by the foot. I estimate that he drank approx 4 feet of wine Fri. night. The funny thing was that he was exactly the same as before he started drinking. I hope to God you find your way back to Illinois, probably by way of Tennessee.

Marko....you left a blue sleeveless shirt at my house. I'm fucking keeping it you crazy bastard. I'm proud to call you my Gassy Twin. Whe you get home, we start work on the next Gasx3 compilation. My wife and son enjoyed meeting you, and so did I. Our paths will cross again my friend.

FPM....was FPM.

OK so now here's ome of my favorite sound bites from the summit:

"Get your Finnish ass out of the way"--Moonlight Mile

"Oh man, she farted!"--Me, as old woman exited an elevator

"Who's faahting and what fohwah.."--catch phrase of the campfire

"Huuurrrphgluuuuugh...ohhhhhhh......uuuuunnnngglugggggggfffffffglurg"--Maxmeister to toilet

"OK, it's left right?"--SDH while driving lost in Cleveland.

"Does anyone here know Brian's last name?"--Customer service chick at the Rennaisance

"I got 2 words for you---fucking mad!"--Marko

"OK, Where's Joey?"--Everyone said this at one time or another

"OH, you are all STUDENTS!"--Marko, at 3am Fri. when everyone went to bed.

"Woo waa orrr weeewumm wawre?"--nankerphelge while cooking steaks with a flashlight in his mouth

"I am getting very thirsty!"--Marko

"You sons of bitches!"--Maxlugar

"Yes you CAN ring this beer up."--2000 Man to underage grocery checkout kid.

"Yeah, I saw the Stones at the Akron Bowl in '76 when Billy Preston opened for them..."--cab driver

"It's Ken-oh right? Isn't it Ken-oh?"--SDH

"Yes I have that show in very good audience quality"

"Yes I have that show in soundboard quality."

"Yes and I have a very good video of this show as well"--Marko (Bet you don't have Istanbul '98! HA!)

"I'm not past the barf stage yet"--Maxmeister

"See you next year for the tour."--everyone


I'm sure that drive wasn't nearly as short as you might have hoped.

sorry we didn't get to hook up on Sunday -- I honestly thought you were at the Courtyard -- couldn't find you (although I ran up a pretty good phone bill trying!)

anyhow -- great job on the logistics -- thanks again for the music. "Lies" alone is worth the price of admission!

you remain, the man.


P.S. -- see you again at the Daze Inn!


Those guys who smoked that afternoon at the Renaissance were knocked on their A## !!!!!!

You know it was strong when Sir Stonesalot started hacking and coughing in the bathroom .....the sh## must have been good !!!!! Thanks Nanky !!!!!

What a great time I had this weekend . That was very very nice of 2000 Man to invite us all to his home for the Barbecue / Picnic / Stones love fest/feast . He went above and beyond the call of duty and I am indebted to him for life. I will treasure the memories for ever .

And you are correct , the group post was priceless . I just hope FPM caught Larry and Crosby on tape .

" Hit Me Ronnie " 


I'd love to say that was normal quality

it wasn't

if it were, I'd look like Keith

"We definitely shouldn't let 2 years slip by."

Amen , My Brother.....


What a great time!

I finally stopped visibly shaking around 10:00PM last night from a hangover that was, to be perfectly honest, and I, Maxlugar, usually am, quite "Gassy".

2000 Man's home brewed alcoholic liver candy was delicious. It's effervescent creamy head eats like a meal in itself. After four or so of them, the night seemed to go quite fast. When I woke up the next morning in a pool of sweat with my AC off it was this thick creamy head that I first thought of. It was at least on hour until I was able to talk my stomach off the ledge. I never in a million years thought I was going to be able to fly that same day. But a few cold ice waters at the airport bar with Nanky got me right. I'm actually not sure it was the home brewed beer or the rum or the 5 or so Hienikens or the chiba or that last beer at Nanky's room or the few at the Hard Rock or that one that I grabbed out of 2000 man's fridge that I thought was a Cow's Milk but was a lighter variety or the little mini bar Jack Daniels that was half empty next to me bed when I woke up that made me so hungover. Could it have been all the above? I apologize to any alcoholic beverage that I may have left out, for I love you all.

Our Stonesian revelry in CLEVELAND will be talked about and disected by scientists for years to come. My personal memories will mainly go toward that fire we had at 2000 man's house. Did any one ever think they would see Joey, Moonlight and Maxlugar gathering firewood together like some Stonesaholic chiba monkey's going for their merit badges?

Thanks Marko, Maxmeister, Fleabit (and anyone else involved with the making of the Dirty Work video) for all the great gifts! You guys a truly amazing! For Rick to let us use his house for the cause was utterly (udderly? get it? Cow's Milk!) fantastic!!! Above and beyond my pal.

Let all who did not make ask themselves "Why....why didn't I do it?" For you missd one of the highlights of any Stones message baord that was ever existed. The historic group post alone was worth the agony of my trip getting there. FPM was it all on video too!!!

I look forward to another summit of some kind when the tour starts.

You pal,

Maxy Von CLEVELAND "Gassy"


Our Stonesian revelry in CLEVELAND will be talked about and disected by scientists for years to come. My personal memories will mainly go toward that fire we had at 2000 man's house. Did any one ever think they would see Joey, Moonlight and Maxlugar gathering firewood together like some Stonesaholic chiba monkey's going for their merit badges? "

Maxy...It was an honor to finally meet you after all of these years . My God....the stories we recalled and the great posts from years past that we somehow remembered ..............truly priceless . I had a smile a mile wide throughout the afternoon until I got lost at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame . Thank God 2000 Man found me sound asleep on that bench along the ledge of the sixth floor stairwell in the Lennon Exhibit . How did I get there ???? Where had I been ????? That Museum make Young Boy Joey sleepy . Or perhaps it was the Saba Spice we had at the Renaissance . Some had Chiba.....Some had Spice .....both worked well .

And yes , your wood gathering abilities were so spectacular , I thought for awhile you , moonlight and myself were back in the outskirts of DaNang.......lighting flares for the Viet Congs . We would have made excellent soldiers..............I think !!!!!!!!

Your pal forever ,

Young Joey

" Hit Me Ronnie " ( Out of the Band )


Glad to hear so many have made it back from the trenches. Hope I can say the same for SDH and company but I'm not so sure that boy is capable of leading the remnants of the platoon back to safety. What's the old Nam saying, Joey? Never leave a man behind or something like that? Yep, we may have to go back and get them in a year or so.

But even with the casualties, if our Gas Board empire should survive a thousand years, let them look back and say that these, . . . THESE were our finest hours!

Warm summer night, a fire, bottle of 2000 Man's stout in one hand and a slab of beef in the other, effervescent smell of Chiba in the air, Exile blasting all over the neighborhood, and a horde of drunken Gassers laughing their asses off - absolutely priceless.

To read the rest of the thread, click here: http://www.keno.org/gasland/get.asp?M=2776&P=0&T=2776

More thoughts on the Summit
By Sir Stonesalot
(August 6, 2001) 

You know, even though there were 10 of us there, we were never all in the same place at the same time. What do you make of that? My theory is that all 10 of us in one place would have tilted the balance of the universe, and caused the earth to plummet into the sun. So I guess it was a good thing that it never happened.

Another of my favorite things was Moonlight Mile dancing like a madman on my couch.

I forget how we got from Damon's back to the hotel. Did we get a cab? Walk? Chased wild animals?

2000 Man 

You guys walked from Damon's, I drove. Damn! That was FUN! Big time fun. Those of you that stayed home really missed out on a really, really great time. The folks that came to C-Town are the Salt of the Earth. It was like meeting people you've known forever for the first time.

Tony really is as SS mentioned. What you see is what you get - no pretensions and a heart as big as Chicago. Young Joey got him to crash in his car so that we could see the Museum in the Rock Hall. Like SS said, SDH drinks wine by the foot, and he really, really wanted to go back to the hotel and take a little nappy poo. I had to get him a bottle of genuine Rock and Roll Hall of Fame lukewarm water, which probably comes from New York City and set me back one of Nank's shoelaces.

Moonlight and SS decided at some point Friday night that the only way they could get truly high, was to stand on the furniture so that their heads brushed the ceiling. It seemed to work - I think they were truly high!

SS helped me to find a program from one of FPM's old shows at the record show, but at 75 bucks FPM passed, even though the cover DID have a nice likeness of him on the front.

When we opened the door to my Fridge Nank's first exclamation was great, "Whoooaa. Alright." (There were something like 24 22 ounce bottles of homemade high test in the bottom).

The lady at the Renaissance took down the most lengthy message from SS and me for "whichever guy from NYC got bumped to the Hyatt last night." Everyone else chimed in with little thoughts of what they'd like in the message. She thought a reading from the book of revelations and a bundt cake recipe were too much, though. If we hadn't been with a guest, she'd have had us arrested, I'm sure. But Club Level Nank was with us, and after fifteen minutes of dealing with eight of us, we turned around and our NYC comrade, Maxy, was right there! Ha! Who said high school typing classes never pay off! She hit the delete key on that hard earned message like a pro, though she was visibly shaken.

Everything is bigger in Texas, and I hope I never get a Texas sized hangover - I'm not sure I could live through one. I love my Stones brothers that brought me Black and Tan's from Pottsville, PA. The Max Ices from the big state up North were a nice touch, too.

Joey is much taller than I expected. He must be very nimble to be able to crawl around in those secret tunnels, saving democracy while snorting Napalm like cocaine. SS looks like he should host a late night weekend horror movie on cable TV. Really. Other than his like of National League baseball he's got that much going for him!

FPM notices shit that other people don't see. I think that's why one minute he's saying,"The Rock Hall is pretty cool - look at the neat Stu Sutcliffe display." And then his gift turns into a curse when he finds the On The Charts display, which is just and ad for Britney Spears and he says "See - THAT'S why I hate this place." But I think having a record show going on made everything more better.

Marko and Maxmeister show up bearing gifts for everyone (I hope they found the lake today!) They both truly enjoy turning people on to the Stones. And they don't want anything in return, they just do it to see the smiles on people's faces.

Maxy tells his story of going to Cleveland better than anybody. I could see he was visibly shaken by his experience. The fact that he still didn't have a room around 2 PM was enough to make most New Yorkers demand to flog the hotel manager with a pastrami, but Max held on, shaking slightly, then not shaking at all when we rode the elevator with the old, rich woman. (Did she really say "So, what are YOU supposed to be?" to us?)

Like I said, it was like meeting old friends for the first time. It was a lot of fun, and I hope we get to do it again.

Did anybody see where I put Handsome Girls, Disk 1?


YOU, sir, are the MAN, the SHIT, the TITS...however you wanna say it. Friday was sure fun, but Saturday night was the heart of the Summit, and you made it perfect.

Really, folks...he brewed milk stout that is BETTER (and not just a little better, but a LOT better) than Guinness. He played Handsome Girls and Exile and anything we wanted to hear at considerable volume, right up until the last cabful pulled away at 2 am or so. He was the host with the most.

Thank you from the bottom of my monkey heart. 

I forget how we got from Damon's back to the hotel. Did we get a cab? Walk? Chased wild animals?

Well, after you forced our poor waitress to rub your bald head ("you KNOW you want to"), we stumbled out into the perfect Cleveland night and walked around in circles for awhile. A few one-hitters and we were on the way down the street. As we passed another hotel with guests on the balcony you dropped your drawers. They all hooted. We all pretended not to know you. By the time we got back to our hotel our buzz was starting to get a bit tarnished so we polished it back up to a fine luster.

The rest is a blur. A fine, fuzzy, happy blur. I remember Moonlight dancing on the couch, a variation of the Pogo I believe...I remember Marko pronouncing the proceedings to be "fucking mad"...I remember everyone loudly insisting on Midnight Rambler, vintage Brussels '73, and then voting it the most perfect piece of rock & roll ever produced...I remember 4 Nicarauguan cigars being smoked at the same time...I recall quite a few Black & Tans... remember wondering whether or not I should open that bottle of Jack, and then thinking "what would KEITH do?" ...I recall Maxmeister, with bullets of sweat standing out on his greenish forehead, having the look of a man who had already tried to stand up and had discovered that he could NOT...

...what a weekend. Fucking MAD. I love you ALL, my Gassy brethren.


just wanted to say thanks to 2000 Man for opening up his home to all of his Gassy Brethren . The weather was perfect , the homemade stout was perfect , the steaks were perfect , the bonfire .....perfect .....you all get the picture. Even 2000 Man's siblings got in the act . His brother came to the rescue around 9:00 PM with a brand new propane tank so that we could fire up the grill and get those steaks going good . What a great brother.........we should make him part of our Gassy family .

Around three O'clock in the morning , everyone was so soddenly drunk and sated , I swear to God 2000 Man was the only one left standing , er sitting , and talking Stonesia all by himself . Perhaps Maxmeister was sober enough to carry on a conversation but the rest of us were all passed out . Hell , I don't think Sir Stonesalot said a word after Three o'clock in the afternoon and Tony never made it to the gig . Marko said his last " Fucking Bastard " around one thirty in the morning and I must have called for a Cab five different times between two and three AM.

Even the Cabbie was a Stones Fan.......No shit !!!! He talked Stonesia with us on the ride home and even had " Beast of Burden " blaring on the stereo when he pulled up to get us all at 2000 Man's home . As the Cab pulled away , and everyone had left for the night , I looked back and saw 2000 Man sitting by himself in his backyard , drinking his last bottle of stout , listening to " Dirty Work " booming on the stereo and having the biggest smile on his face that I had ever seen on another human . For he was proud and so were his Stones Brothers and Sisters.....of him .......... and ourselves for making such a prodigious journey to the great and clean city of Cleveland . Cleveland does Rock !!!!!

I can not exaggerate perfection . Surely Baba was with us for those three days . This is a great omen for next year. All Agree !!!!!

" Hit Me Ronnie "

Joey von Cleveland.


Hey, I don't bring out those dance moves for just any ocassion. Apparently, just the ones I have no recollection of. Then again, I can't remember how we got back from Damon's either.

Unfortunately, I do remember seeing your ass, SS. That moon you flashed at SDH's camera is seared in my brain. Goddam alcohol! Where were you when I really needed you to black something out!!


C-Town And Back To Reality
By Maxmeister
(August 7, 2001)

After just landing about 2 hours ago, of course my first mission was to access our beloved GASX3 Board.

I just finished reading all the posts and I can honestly tell you there is no exaggeration.

Saying it was a distinct honor and pleasure to meet you nine Gassers is a vast understatement.

In regard to me not knowing when to say when, it ranks with my personal classics of all time.

After consulting wth my wife and giving here the way too gorey details, she rates this episode #2 on my all time list since she's known me.[25yrs] It falls just short of a fateful night when I absorbed 12 or more beers, chased by about the same number of kamikazes.

I had some blackout periods, but my fellow Gassers were kind enough to tell me I was having an extremely good time. Something about sitting on the floor with a glazed look, jamming to Brussels Rambler. I trust their judgement.

Labatts Maximum is "fucking mad"

The hospitality that 2000Man showed us was awesome. What a host!

Any expectations I had of what each of my fellow Gassers would be like in "real life" were exceeded. Truly just good people.

I only had the pleasure of hanging with Nanker and Maxy for just a few hours[due to self inflicted wounds] during the backyard lovefest. The group setting didn't allow us much one on one, but I expect to make up for that next year.

SS, Marko, SDH, Joey, FPM, and MM met me at the airport Fri. evening, we hooked with 2000Man and the whirlwind began.

I could continue on and on but I'd only be repeating what everyone has had a chance to say before I could access the board.

Today, my early flght had me leaving the room at 6:00am with Marko and SDH still catching zzzz.

When I checked out, the clerk asked what time the room would be vacated and I started laughing. I didn't tell her about the TV somehow falling out the window into the courtyard.

Hell, I bet they're still in the room. I'm sure they will eventually make their way to Chicago.

This Fri. evening, Marko's U.S. Tour lands in Houston. I can see him saying things like......"Corona, chips&salsa, Corona, women, Corona, Mexican food, Corona, It's hot here, Corona, Who's faahhting and what faahh, Corona, Play the Fucking Track, Corona, and as always, Fucking Mad.

Thanks again my fellow Gassers for a great time. The Summit will remain a fond memory forever. I expect to add more of these memories next year and beyond. Oh Yeah!!!!

Rick, C10

PS. Larry, would you be so kind as to do me a very big favor? I'm in the market for a new or slightly used liver. It must have low miles, all the toys, and run on premium. I will pay top dollar.

Please contact me at www.don'tknowwhentosaywhen@wasted.org.

Thank you very much. Thank you very kindly.

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Scoring Tickets
By Teiz
(February 24, 2004) 

Back in 1994, I wasn't informed that well about when en where the tickets would go on sale. So I was hanging out in a bar with a stones-loving friend when we heared a 'rumor' the Stonestickets would go on sale the very next morning. So, in order to be safe, we decided to go to a bigger city then the one we were in.

Problem was, we were way too drunk for any cabby to take us there. Now my buddy had a car in front of the bar, but was in no shape to drive, and neither was I, so we needed someone who would want to come along...there was this girl who didn't have her license yet, but was taking lessons. We decided that was good enough to hand her the wheel. So off we went.

At that time it was four in the morning, and in front of the tourist info center - they used to sell the tickets there in the Netherlands - not a soul was waiting..it was freezing damn hard, we were out of drinks, the girl wanted to go home (on second thought) and when the first newspapers were delivered at six o clock en there was not a word on the tickets show, al hope was lost. We were still to much intoxicated to drive, so the girl hopped behind the wheel once more and took us home.

I woke up four hours later because my mother was on the phone: Radio announced the tickets were on sale and they were going like madmen. So I stumbled out of bed, called up my buddy and we ran like there was no tomorrow to the nearest sales point we could find.

We managed to get tickets for all three shows without having to stand in line. The place were we bought the tickets was a 300 yards away from the bar we had hung out right before we heared the rumor...

For the Licks tour, I got my club gig tickets (Vredenburg) by calling the ticket sales line. I think that is even more ridiculous a story then the previous one.


I called in sick for work in 1997 to try and win tickets on the radio for the B2B tour. They were looking for the 96th caller for front row seats and I was the 92nd caller. That was the only time I ever got through on the phone for Stones tickets and it was pretty close. I had to use the tickets that I had bought that weren't as good (20th row on the field) but it was a nice try. Funny thing about it was that everytime I would call in sick when a Stones tour was announced everybody in the company knew about it. The CEO of the company came up to me and ask me what kind of seats I got and I told him average seats. I would say to him that to bad that he wasn't a Stones fan because with his wallet and power he could get us both great tickets. He laughed and said that he didn't have that much power but never denied it about the money.


Steel Wheels, me and my bro "aka the raindrop kid" won tickets to see the Stones anywhere in the USA! The contest was held at the Maine mall it was called crazy for the Stone's. First thing we did was take his car and put every song they ever released on the car. The Stones logo on the hood, a steel wheel welded on the back, some goats head soup on top with dry ice, glued on some fingers etc...the car looked awesome! The judges were blown away by the sight of the Stonesmobile! The raindrop kid was not done, then he made himself a sandwhich with salmon feast cat food and 10 live grasshoppers stuck in the catfood. He ate it with a big smile. {sporting a Keith & the wino's shirt he got when we seen the wino's in Boston 12-4-88 on my b-day....what a fuckin show!!!!!!!} Then he washed down his meal with a pint of water and 10 live goldfish! It was awesome the crowd went crazy! We both decided to see them in LA with GNR opening for them. Out of our hotel room we could see the holywood sign it was so cool. Our seats were only 20 yards from the stage. What a show, I was in seventh heaven it was amazing! God bless the Rolling Stones!!!!! Peace


Between Teiz's story and stonedatbirth666 stories. Both were great.

The only crazy,stupid and weird thing I did was back in 1989. I left SF in May of 1989, to end a relationship. I rented my sisters apartment in Philly for the summer, it was something like 100.00 a month. I got a shitty job at Tower Records on South Street. We got given a bunch of Stones tickets. We were suppoesed to pay for them, I thought the were free at the time. We were given them up front, kinda a scam. It turned out the Philly show became the first show of the tour. They cancelled a show in Buffallo or Boston (not sure). This was the infamous show were the power went out during Shattered, which was dropped from the setlist. So the next day, I get a call from a friend informing me I owe money for the tickets. I never had money back then. I was pretty much never sober and always broke. This was a great summer, but that's another story. So now I have a problem, O owe money I don't have. I get a hold of some friends in Jersey and convince them I can help them make alot of money in Philly that night. These friends had connections with dead heads who sold lots of LSD. They had a few sheets and were not selling well. They came up to Philly and we went down to The Vet. I proceeded to sell their wares for 5 bux a pop. This was good stuff too. I had done some a week or so earlier (flashback moment), I'm ok now.

We made a ton of money that night, they paid me very generously. For some reason we never went in the show. I can't remember why. I don't think we tried, regretable moment now. We smoked weed and drank and hung out all night. After the show many of our customers greeted us on return. It's hard to describe...They were very happy and very, very high. I remember one guy was so out there he just babbled and gurgled, his friend translated, he was having the best night of his life.


I can think of a few things, like years ago sleeping outside overnight on line, which wasn't any big deal back then, I've done that for other bands too (today it would be weird, with online ticket buying, etc.). Then there was the bribing/giving drugs to a security guard at MSG back in '73, since we didn't have tickets, but I told that story here already (see the archives from the old board for that story). One story I'm not sure if I've told, and is a bit crazy, happened back in '78, when the Stones were gonna be on Saturday Nite Live. On that day, me and the wife had just entered Canada via Detroit, and were heading for Montreal to spend a couple of days. From what I can recall, it was about a day's drive from Detroit. As it was we had a hard time getting across the border, as they checked every inch of the car. Guess they figured we had drugs since I was a longhair (of course we did, but just for our own personal use, and well hidden). So I'm driving along wondering how to convert KPH from MPH, since I didn't want to get stopped for speeding, since all the speed limit signs were in metric. So when we were more than half way there (somewhere in Canada), I find a US rock radio station and they start to talk about the fact the Stones are on SNL tonight. Since we had been camping out for like a week, we didn't have a clue the Stones were gonna be on. Going to Montreal was my idea, the wife didn't want to go anywhere they didn't speak english, and my french was/is real bad. So the first thing out of my mouth was: "Do they even get American TV there, and if so, do they show SNL there, and would we even get there before the show was on??." So the wife said "lets turn around". We could not turn around, we were heading to NY after Montreal anyway, so I suggested we split Canada and head to Buffalo, which we did. Of course, we again had the car gone over very fine at the US border, and I was getting pissed since it was getting late. But we got into Buffalo, and all the hotel rooms seemed to be full. We finally found a place outside of town and had about an hour to spare for the show. I remember the wife commenting while we watched, that Mick was losing his voice (he was sick that nite and was the worst I've ever heard him sing), but we didn't care, we got to see the Boys! I now look back on that day, and think about the fact that people flee countries because of wars, or political reasons, etc., but we fled a foreign country for the sole reason to see the Stones on TV!


1. For the '78 tour they used to sell tickets at departments stores. We slept outside of Sears. They opened the doors and several hundred Stones fans ran through Sears to get to the ticket booth which was on the second floor. Everyone has hopping over and knocking down everything in sight.

2. Bribed a security guard at Soldier Field for B2B. $50 and get right next to the stage

To read the entire thread, click here: http://www.keno.org/gasland/get.asp?M=95710&P=0&T=95710


NYC in a couple hundred words
By Pdog
(September 15, 2005) 

I went w/o sleep for 33 hours... It was awesome... No chemicals were used in the sleep deprivation, that's both good and it was also very hard. But!!! I'm tough! I am Pdog, right!

The small summit was a multi board type get together. People from The Couch, RO and GGG MB! We went and visited The shidoobees... LYL & Al, represented Gasland, as well as myself.

Hooked up with Al early on Tuesday. NYC was hot, it was 90 degrees and humid, rough on my tired and soul. SF has spoiled me. I'm used to temps between 60 and 80, anything outside that and i'm all fucked up. Al went with me to see a friend who moved from SF a few years ago to persue law school. It was great seeing him, we talked and ate. It was a quick lunch at a diner, it took us a while to get it together...LOL!

A funny story about Payphone Al. We put his backpack in my room to keep it safe. After we had lunch he suggested, and I willingly took the advice, that I should try for an hour nap. Now he had two cell phone with him. About 30 minutes after he left me to try to crash my phone rings in the room. It's Scope, Sir Stonesalot and the internets top poster Maxlugar, their down in the bar in my hotel. So I run down to see them. I use Maxlugars phone to call Al and let him know where we are. Now, Al has two phones, so the one I call, w/o knowing, is in his back pack in my room...

So I really only called my room....Doh!

He wound up getting security and going up to my room. He thought I was dead asleep... It all worked out in the end. He found us!

I met the coolest people in the world and we hung HARD! Two really cool folks are Luxury and Throbby. The best looking couple in the world I might add. Mrs. Lugar is a doll and between her and Maxy, I really wish I lived near them. They have two beautiful daughters and I'd love to have them as neighbors. That's how fucking cool they are.

SS, is great. Drove all the way from mid state PA. Next to my pulling an all nighter and a half from calif. this guy was a close second on the endurance scale. He was one of the first in nYC and the last one I said goodnight too.

Met the famous/infamous Blue aka: Glencar. Who not only made it to NYC, but was just at the famous Chicago summit, with She Rat, Boomhauer and Starbuck among the privilaged few. This guy is the man! Agent Provactuer, I hope I remember to hug him before we parted ways!

I'm still foggy on the details. I'll tell you this... The folks were top shelf. I felt like I'd known them forever after only a few minutes. The show was great. I sat right next to the stage on Keiths side! This is what On Stage seating wants to be. Sound was almost perfect, the sightlines were great. I could see behind Charlie, so I saw the band come up right before the show. Watched them hangout during the break before the encore ect... Saw Stones kids on the main stage during the B-stage!

NYC was electric. It had been about 15 years since I was last hanging out there. It was crowded and hot and everywhere there were beautiful women. Scope made some DVD's for everyone. He recorded all the recent TV stuff. I broke mine within a few minutes. I was so delirious I sat on it and snapped it in half. He's going to mail me a replacement. This guy is cool, with a great smile and a love for The Stones than made me feel so much in the right place.

Before i forget, my heart was filled with so much joy hearing all the East Coast accents... Being from Jersey, it really made my heart warm and feel full. It just felt like home! I felt so safe and like i was with old friends and was safe. Luxury said I was like a little 16 year old... This crew knew how to party, and with style and w/o any pretentions. It was prefect!

Saw Stonesdoug and The Shidoobees at Walters. It was way too hot in there... We hung a few minutes and went to the show. Which getting in by 9PM, which we thought was perfect, wound up waiting until 10 PM for The Stones. We managed to avoid Canadas shortcoming, which was important!

Right before the show Al came over from his seat to mine. He's good, I don't konw how he did it! He read me the setlist off Charlies drums, he had binoculars. Shit we were only about 40 feet from his kit. Seems Keith was supposed to play Shattered on the b-stage, not Satisfaction! LOL! You could tell something was off!

I can't review the show very well. It was an experience I absorbed, but I'm still dealing with the lack of sleep. I'm a little spacey. It was awesome. Jagger looks scarey when he's six feet from you. He's so fucking intense. He's always been ugly, but in such a beautiful & sexy way. The man is not natural. Doing what he does, at any age is just impossible! Keith and Jagger seemed to be getting along a bit better. At one point Keith was doing a little foot dance kinda like Mick. I saw them smile at each other a few times and from as close as I was the energy between them seemed very good. Something wasn't okay for the past few weeks. Maybe they hammered something out before the show, could be why they were late!

I really dug The Marley cover... PIB was awesome... All Down The Line was unreal... It was so tight, fast and just fucking good. BOMH seemed to be pretty long, the way I want to hear it on the record, more jamming ect.. Really dug it, but it's not my favorite on the record. I both liked and didn't like the reworking on 19th nervous breakdown BUT !!! I like that they're taking risks...

Would i do this again? Hell yeah. This was the best $1,000 I could've ever spent... Worth every penny and all the lost sleep. I made some good friends and the best memories. This will get better with time. I'm so glad I did it. I thank The stones for helping create such a great experience! 

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Strollin’ on the Boulevards of Paris
by Bart
(July 29, 2006) 

Wow! Man man, what a night in Paris! This was the best show by the Stones I've seen so far (saw 4 in total now) and the best concert ever!

I traveled with 2 friends to Paris by bus. We got a bus ticket including a ticket to the show for 150 euro so that was a good option. The trip to and from Paris wasn't that nice, but hell, after the concert I didn't give a damn. We arrived at the stadium about 2,30 in the afternoon and then travelled to Gare du Nord in about 20 minutes (15 min walk from stadium to metro). We from Gare du Nord travelled to Pere-lachaise, the cemetry where Jim Morisson is burried. I saw the grave before but my friends didn't, and still it was good to see it again, so it turned out to be a real musiclegends day:) I've been to Paris many times, but one friends had never been there. I showed him around a bit but we then decided to lay in the grass near the Champs Elysee so we would still have enough energy for the concert. We arrived back at the Stade de France at about 8 and the temperature turned out perfect. It was a beautiful summer night. We sat down on the pitch about 15 meters from the b-stage where there was a nice space. During the concert we moved a bit closer till about 10 meters from the b-stage.

Razorlight played till over 8 and I allready thought it would the Stones take longer to go on stage then at 9 o'clock. And they did. But it helped to build the tention. The wave went round and I wanted the Stones to get on the damn stage! We waited and waited and then at 9.25 a great JJF was kicked off! Great. Just like in Cologne a perfect opener. IORR afterwards worked well indeed, but didn't yet show the magic that was about to come, just like with On No Not You Again.

Luckly they played She's So Cold which was perfect! Ronnie was sharper and seemed happier then in Cologne and Keith was sharp as hell. Mick was on fire, from minute one btw!

The crowd was a bit tame during SSC, but I wasn't. Mick did so well on the song. BUT SHE'S SO CO CO COLD! After that Tumbling Dice followed which worked well for the crowd again. It was a great version of the song. As Tears Go By was good and the little light things the crowd was handed out before the concert where nice to see. Also during other later songs on the concert it was magical to see 80.000 or so of those things all around you.

And then..SOL came. I've always defended the song when it was bashed by some people..;) and I liked the live version in Cologne, but it was not that special live. How did that chance in Paris! Mick must have had some love trouble at the moment, because he went crazy during the song. Towards the end he was playing and singing like a mad man. FANTASTIC! Also the rest did well, so If they keep that up the song works perfect live.

Now I knew they didn't play an 'extra' song before TD so I was allready hoping for MR. I've never seen it live but I always fucking digd it on live boots and dvds. And then I heared Charlie's drumming. Just like on the other live MR beginnings. Mick got his harp and then..bang! Mick went nuts, Charlie was drumming ever so well and Keef and Ronnie where on fire. Ronnie was much more at eas then in Cologne it seamed and was full of convidence. Keith is amazing, still playing like that. I jumped and danced like I was crazy during the whole song and must be the best song I've ever seen live. The crowd went also mad. The crowd was more enthusiastic then Cologne, to make a comparisment. I still can't get over the fact how well they played and what a kick ass song it was. On Night time Lisa was great and the hand waving with our lights in our hands worked well.

After the band intro's Keith got a hell of an applause and he sure did enjoy and appreciate it. He stood there just smiling, then came to his sences again and said: On with the show. lol. He also said it was a special day since it was Micks birthday. Maby I didn't hear it well and he said something like it WAS his bday two days ago. But anyway, this place is empty came wich was nice.

Then Before tmm Run was stunning. Great version and no mistakes during the song. Miss You worked well and it was great being in the crowd around the stage (well, 10 meters that was but still great) that was wild. Rough Justice started out a bit strange but it was the only minor 'mistake' they made during the show. Start Me Up on te b-stage was magic. YAU!

On Honky Tonk Women I was hoping Mick would chance the lyrics to 'Strolling on the boulevards of Paris' etc. again but he didn't. But still a banging version. Sympathy for the Devil was marverleous. Mick was perfect and the show during the song worked ever so well. Then Paint It Black worked so well on the crowd, the tention of the show was so well biuld towards the end. Brown Sugar kicked in after and flames where lit from the stage, wich seemed to surprise Keith a bit because maby he stood to close. lol. But he picked it up well and it was a great song.

You Can't Always Get What You Want was a great sing-a-long and Satisfaction topped the night with Mick running all over the stage, and also Ronnie and Keith where all over the place. Charlie seemed to enjoy himself allot. Well, it was such a great night, but I think you've allready got that lol. I'll always remember it. I didn't tell on every song how the boys played, but they played so tight and steady, but not steady in a bad way. It was full of energy and they where on fire every song. Ronnie had some good solo's and Keith seemed like the mighty old Keith again. But he also was in Cologne. No head trouble for him. Charlie drummed perfect and Mick..well Mick was just superb. And talking French allot ofcourse.:)

The Cologne show was great to and I had a terrific view near the b-stage and a great, but this show did kick more ass musicly. It was simply perfect. I still can't believe they still can play so perfect, cd-quility, and also still so LIVE and amazing. And the setlist was great to. I think on this tour when you see the setlist you think 'mwah', but you just have to be there and then see the stones are still magic.


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Keith gave me the Finger
by StonesAddict
(January 19, 2004) 

I went to see Keith & the Winos during the Main Offender tour. We had 3rd row, center seats and were so close to Keith that I could smell his cigarette. Anyways, everybody was all yelling and screaming "Keith, Keith!" trying to get the man's attention (I have to admit to being one of those screaming sissies) when it hit me that if I was actually going to get Keef's attention, then I was going to have to do something different. I stand about 6'4" so when I jumped up as high as I could with both middle fingers in the air, he saw me. Keith friggin' Richards saw ME and laughed and gave me the finger right back... That is my claim to fame.

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Keith Richards Shows Up
by Lord Voodoo (
September 20, 1999) 

The title is true. So I was at an Opening Party for Minas' New York Exhibition at George Jenson on Madison and 62nd Friday night. Minas is a very nice, and expensive jewelry designer. Anyway, around 9 o’clock who should walk through the door but our favorite Rolling Stone, Keith Richards along with his wife Patti Hansen! You have to understand that this was one of those party's that tend to make page 6 and pictures usually end up somewhere in Vogue or one of those things. Its a who's who affair. The other who's who affair was down the street at Donna Karen's opening party for DKNY, (think many of the guests hit both parties). In a room already too full of egos I am happy to admit that they were all crushed by Keith. The whole room was buzzing that Keith Richards was actually there! So anyway, he made his rounds, talking to anyone that wanted to talk to him and getting his picture taken with anyone that wanted to get their picture taken with him. He was very nice and from what other's told me, it was about the most laid back atmosphere that he is ever at (at a party). Some of the reporters told me that normally you can't get up to him with out some body guard telling you to go away.

Here's my part of the story. See I knew he was going to be there before I went, so I had been trying to think of what I would say to him or ask him if I got the opportunity. I decided to ask if he was going to do another solo album or tour. So after he had kind of settled in, I went over and said something like, "Hello, its great to meet you, can I ask you a question?" He said something like sure go ahead. So I chit-chatted about the party and how great it was to see him there, and he said "What's your fucking question?" (not in a rude way) We all (me keith and Minas) had a laugh and I asked him if he was going to do another solo album or tour. He said "That's a very good question!" And we all laughed and he moved on. That was it. He was very cool, and it was nice of him to even entertain a music question at a party like this. Maybe I shouldn't have asked but it was something I wanted to know. Anyway, I talked to Minas later in the night for a while (after Keith had left). It turns out that they are very good friends. Anyway, here's a tidbit for you, Minas made the slide that Keith currently uses (not that he uses it all that often). From the value of the jewelry and other things there, I would imagine that Keith’s slide is worth about $20 grand! Minas also makes some of Keith's jewelry. Maybe the stuff in his hair?

For all of you obsessive people, (and I say this so I don't end up answering the same question a million times again) he was wearing black leather pants and black beat up boots. A turquoise  shirt and a black jacket. And yes, he was out in full jewelry in hair! He also had some silk scarf on, but I can't remember what color it was, white or red. Maybe that was someone else though and he wasn't wearing a scarf. He looked good. He looks old though, but he doesn't look too old. He did not have any cigarettes while he was there and he was drinking white wine.

That's about it. Those are things I noticed, and he was there for about an hour, maybe an hour and a half. It was a great party! That's my Keith story!

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Comical Stones Show Memories
by Travellin’ Man
(May 2012) 

A traffic jam had overtaken the Eastbound lane of I-64 near Charlottesville before the Stones show in 2005. Traffic had been standing still for 10 minutes or more at a time and when the lanes WERE moving, cars would only move up about a hundred feet, just to sit in place for another ten minutes or longer. The drive up from Roanoke was 2 hours and plenty of sodas and some liquor had been consumed by my friends and I. We all "had to go" badly and "This damn traffic jam!". My friend Paul, seeing the traffic pattern which had developed, took his chances and jumped out of the car from the backseat for the wooded hills roadside. (Our car had once again come to a stand still.) Paul is up there behind a tree in broad daylight and I could not help but admire his courage, and envy his obvious relief. I make my move. Out the passenger door and up the twelve foot hill into the woods.

I'm still in "midstream" when I notice the cars are moving down below. "Oh Shit!!!". After I finally zip up and stumble down the wet hillside I try to calm myself with the reminder that the traffic is likely to stop again very soon.

It was not to be.

So I'm running on the shoulder of Interstate 64 trying in vain to catch up to my friend Sherry's Nova, ten car lengths ahead. I can only keep pace with the moving traffic - the traffic jam has ended! A second car of friends, trailing several cars behind Sherry and Paul, is now beside me as I run. They are laughing and motioning for me to "dive into" their vehicle. I am too winded to explain that I had put my ticket in the glove box of Sherry's Nova ahead for "safe keeping".

"Why in the fuck didn't I keep my STONES TICKET in my wallet!!!!! Why did I put it in that damn glove box!!!!"

I manage to shake my head, "No". I'm not jumping in your car! I am sweating from running a half mile in the humidity and all I can think about is "MY TICKET IS IN THAT CAR! I HAVE TO CATCH THAT CAR!"

Finally at the Charlottesville exit ramp, thanks to a street light, I am able to catch up and climb into my friend's car.

I grabbed the ticket out of the glove box and stuffed it in my wallet. We all had a good laugh about it in the car.

Midway through the show the Stones stop playing for an hour due to a bomb threat. It's a show with some uncommon memories.

I got my exercise that day and I had to "earn" the right to see the Stones that night!

* At Madison Square Garden I met a bunch of cool Gassers for the first time. Lots of beer and partying before the show including some smoke, thanks to Payphone Al. It's time during the show for Keith to play his two songs and Gasser 'Keefer' taps me on the shoulder and says, "Come with me." I'm not sure what he is up to but I follow my new friend down, down, down, the steps of MSG. He shows me a piece of paper with a photocopy of a ticket on it. Hands it to me and says we are going down to the B stage for the Stones. He says something about it's a copy of his friends ticket who is already down there. The smoke in me is saying, "This will NEVER work with security down there! I've came all the way from Virginia and they are going to kick me out of the place and I'll miss the rest of the show!" But Man! I was hoping I was wrong.

I'm holding a photocopy of a ticket. (Something I had never even heard of before.) and we are getting closer to the ticket checkers on the floor of MSG. I start sweating. I was certain security was going to say, "Get the hell out of here with that thing! Who the hell are you trying to fool?!!! Get out of the building!"

But sure enough our sly Keefer (Now the Mick frontman for The Glimmer Twins), had it down. I had a blast watching the Stones twenty feet away down there!

Later during that show I was "lost" from our party but still having a great time with some other Stones fans. I had the extra beautiful buzz and was leading a sing along of YCAGWYW in a long row somewhere in MSG. I saw a pretty lady behind me and said, Kiss me! I'm from Virginia. I put on an act of devastation when she smilingly refused. My head hung down looking at the floor. I sat down. Several minutes later I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and she got me in a lip lock. It was hilarious how she went about it.

What a night that one was!

*One more - Gasser Rough Justice and I had 3rd row B stage seats for an Atlantic City Stones show. Great seats for those 3 songs! She and I had been on "empty" for awhile and with Keith beginning the first of his two numbers I thought I would be a great guy and go fetch Robin a beer to drink during the BIG PART of the show for us. I head up the stairs to the concession area. The regular lines for cheaper Bud etc are LLLLLong. I notice the line for Heineys is a third less long because of the higher price. "Time is of the essence!!!!" I go for the Heiney line. With about 15 people ahead of me I figure I'll get to see the better part of Keith's second song.


The old man at the Heiney tap looked to be about 80 years old and moved like he was closer to 180 years old! Keith's set was soon over and there were still 5 people in front of me. The old guy was in his own world and in no fucking hurry whatssoever! I mean somebody needed to check this guy for a pulse! "Are they trying to sell beer or manufacture heart attacks?!!!"

'Under My Thumb' is being performed. The stage is heading for the B stage and I"M NOT THERE!!!"

"Come on old fella! PLLLLLLLLEASE!!! Hurry!!!!!!"

UMT ends and I finally get to place my order.

'She's So Cold' begins and I am in a complete panic mode as I two fist cups of Heiney and run down the steps to the floor! "I AM MISSING IT!!!"

The rows between seats in the B stage area have disappeared!!! Oh shit! A sea of Stones fans having taken their place! Now what?!!!

"Never Give Up! Never!"

As 'She's So Cold' is being performed I make myself small sideways, beers above my head, Bodies slam into mine. I'm yelling to every angry eyes watching me "sneak" upfront to the stage, "I'm row THREE!!! Row Three!!! Seriously!

Of course no one can hear me. The Rolling Stones are playing loud and proud! A big guy intentional bumps me as I slide by him. Beer spills. I give him a look that would kill. I'm row THREE!!! I slide down the third row nest to Robin. Hand her three quarters of a beer. Enjoy the final minute of 'She's So Cold'. My pulse still racing.

'Start Me Up', begins! Mick Jagger is at one point four feet away from us. I look at Robin with her beer in hand, enjoying The Stones. She is smiling from ear to ear. A beautiful sight.

It was worth the trouble. But I hate that old man! lol.

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