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By Lemmy
September 11, 2005   
Rating: 10.0

I'm from Italy, so maybe my english is a little bit crappy. I think that Thin Lizzy are one of the most underrated bands ever. If you go to centre of Dublin you can see a statue in memory of Phil Lynott (died in 1986 by an overdose of alcool), one of the better, true rockers that rock music can remember. Initially emulous of Jimi Hendrix (brown skin, long and crispy hair, choked and erotic voice), the solitary man, innovative bass player, great singer and, most of all, romantic, lonesome and at the same time wild, punky and anti-conformist songwriter. Jailbreak is an hellraiser album, one of those that makes you rise your hair from your back and break your neck when you put it on. It starts with the killer riff of the title-track, a great rock song that talk about escape, freedom, rights and fun...It makes no difference if it's an escape from a jail or an office, but that's the point...Lynott always wrote song basically simple with no political connotation or explicit messages, but the force of his poetry (he also released several books) blast your feelings and makes run shivers down the spine, like "Runnin Back", a nice pop song that talk about a girl and the regrets of the author since he left her...You can find the sax in here duet with the two axe of Gorham and Robertson while Phil whispers: "I miss that girl" and it's almost orgasmic. This album has really no filler: another classic pop song oriented here is "Romeo And The Lonely Girl" with a simple but touching chorus. Jailbreak is not an hard rock album, 'cuz Lynott had always explored differnt territories, from country, blues, heavy metal, soul and pop with obvious influnces from '50 songs. Three cuts here, however can be marked as " heavy":  "Angel From The Coast", "Warriors" and the gorgeous "Emerald",  which close the album. "Fight Or Fall" is another gem: a soft, delicate soft ballad: one of that song that can warm you in some weak moments. But the top of this Lp lies in two superb tracks: " The Boys Are Back In Town" and "Cowboy Song" my favourite.

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