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American Woman
By Jacob
June 16, 2005         
Rating: 9.5

On this album, you have your classic songs: 'American Woman'(which on the radio you never hear the first part of the song), 'No Time' and 'No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature' which are all great classic rockers by a really good band that people sometimes forget about for the most part. Although not one of my top 20 favorite bands, I still really enjoy The Guess Who; greatly growing up on them and all. This album also includes some greats that have really grown on me and get stuck in my head from time to time like '8:15'(very catchy tune), 'Proper Stranger'(possibly my favorite song on the album), 'Talisman'(A really nice mellow song)and 'When Friends Fall Out'. I'm not huge on the instrumental '969 (The Oldest Man)'. I enjoy 'Humptys Blues' the more I listen to it. 'Got to Find Another Way' is pretty good for being the unreleased song on the newer release of the album. Everyone into classic rock should really check this album out, because their greatest hits, although good, doesn't have a good number of songs you would only find on this album.

To listen to some soundclips from American Woman or to purchase it, click on: GUESS WHO: AMERICAN WOMAN

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