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By Rob
June 1, 2002
Rating: 9.0

This might be considered a rock classic as far as great songs such as "Jump, Panama, Drop Dead Legs and I'll Wait". But "House Of Pain and Top Jimmy" in my opinion bring it down slightly, but not to bad. This was released in 1983 and the last album done with original lead vocalist David Lee Roth, before being replaced by Sammy Hagar. The album clearly shows Eddie Van Halen as a guitar master, and also on key boards, clearly shown on "Jump" which charted as high as #1. The drumming on this album by Alex Van Halen is also top work, and great bass playing by Michael Anthony. "Panama" was another classic with again great guitar work and "I'll Wait" again showing Eddie Van Halen's great keyboard work as well as the guitar. Song Rating are: 1984 8.0 , Jump 10.0 Panama 9.5 , Top Jimmy 5.0 , Drop Dead Legs , 10.0, Hot For Teacher 6.0, I'll Wait 10.0 , Girl Gone Bad 6.0 , House Of Pain 5.0

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