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By David Gomolinski
November 17, 2001
Rating: 10.0

After two failed albums and two years break the leaders of the band, Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies decided in 1973-74 to reform Supertramp with 3 new players (John Helliwell, Dougie Thomson and Bob Siebenberg) and to produce the ultimate album. If they failed again, they would never work together again, and if it's successful a big career is forward. The result: The album of the century! (or almost, I can't forget Let It Bleed , The Beatles ,Ziggy Stardust and Dark Side Of The Moon) From the first title "School" , to the last "Crime Of The Century" we're witness of a child -which could be all of us- evolution between his naive school age and the day he decide to do something which himself with all his depressions in between. Five years before Pink Floyd's The Wall, this album has nothing to learn from anybody with eight perfect songs sung alternately by Roger Hodgson inviting us to be a part of his dreams and Rick Davies taking us back to the hard reality. After "School",one of the most ever unrated song and "Bloody Well Right" which are about pure childhood, come 3 songs about disconnection from reality, "Hide In Your Shell" a brilliant composed song , the tragic "Asylium" and "Dreamer". This last track is the most famous from Crime and is a model for other big hits in the future like "Logical Song". "Rudy" and "If Everyone Was Listening" are talking about youth frustration and loneliness and the final song Crime Of The Century show us revolt and liberation being a very musical track. The following of their career is full of Crime remake, so if someone wants to buy only one Supertramp album it must be this one.

To listen to some soundclips from CRIME OF THE CENTURY or to purchase it click on: CRIME OF THE CENTURY 

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