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By Robert
January 22, 2003
Rating: 10.0

Timeless, flawless, classic and universally acclaimed as Roxy's most enduring album, Avalon gives us a very big glimpse into what the world of rock 'n' roll could hold for us. Throughout their 10-year span in rock, Roxy's music has changed and progressed to such dizzying heights that most other artists are left in their wake. Avalon opens with the minor classic - More Than This which bleeds handsomely into The Space Between. These two tracks alone would make any other group feel proud if they were in their catalog, but Roxy keeps pushing and on this album and then comes up with the brilliant song Avalon. This masterpiece is the showcase for the album, yet it doesn't distract us from the genius of every other song around it. The musicianship on this album is peerless with 13 musicians and Rhett Davies and Roxy's production work. This album has been viewed as not just the pinnacle of Roxy's career but as an album that could possibly change your life and the way you listen to music.

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