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Are You Experienced?
By Mike
August 12, 2004
Rating: 9.5

First I'd like to start off by saying that I think this is the best debut album ever. Jimi Hendrix's amazing guitar-playing wails in a way that is beyond even a fellow guitar player's comprehension. His groovy and meaningful Lyrics don't disappoint, either. Noel Redding does a good job on Bass, but he is heavily over shadowed by the greatest guitarist of all time and the guy who is tied up with Keith Moon as being the best drummer of the psychedelic era, and one of the best, ever, Mitch Mitchell.
This review is of the CD version which features 17 tracks. The best are 'Purple Haze' (I love that 'scuse me while I kiss the sky line!), 'The Wind Cries Mary' (a solemn and poetic masterpiece), 'Fire'(a great rocker with passionate drum-playing by Mitch Mitchell; this is considered Mitch's best drumming performance ever), 'Foxey Lady'(the best riff on the album and the coolest song about a woman that Jimi ever did), and 'Are You Experienced?'(an out of this world acid-induced song reaching out for love and unity; my favorite track).
The extras (Stone Free, 51st Anniversary, Highway Chile, etc.) are a great addition for American Fans. All-in-all, 'Are You Experienced?' Is up there with Sgt.Pepper's in concept album terms, and is a mind-blowing album, period. It is a must-have for everyone that enjoys Rock 'n Roll!

To listen to some soundclips from ARE YOU EXPERIENCED? or to purchase it click on: Are You Experienced [CD/DVD -]

Band of Gypses
By J.T. Curtis
September 4, 2003
Rating: 10.0

Jimi Hendrix rolled into the Fillmore East with drummer Buddy Miles and bassist Billy Cox as the Band of Gypses. It was such an inspiring concert, they recorded the concert. On the record are 6 tracks of the historical concert.

Jimi himself was the heart and soul of the band. His incendiary guitar playing which had evloved from the Hendrix Experience had reached new heights insighting influences from blues, rock, and now some jazz (Jimi had been listening to Miles Davis.) Billy Cox played bass different and so much better than Noel Redding. He kept the music moving as Jimi "kissed the sky." Buddy Miles's drumming kept the band grooving, but his marvelous singing stole the show.

The album kicks off with "Who Knows" where Jimi and Buddy sing licks off of each other. This song also brings Jimi's guitar playing to incredible heights, but it is really "Machine Gun" where Jimi plays one of the greatest guitar solos in rock N roll history. As a protest against war, Jimi's guitar litterally makes you picture a soldier in combat hinting in an ambulance siren sound. This solo gives me chills. But the mood is soon lifted up as Buddy Miles takes the mike to the wonderfull "Changes." Buddy sings like no other can and Jimi follows with some wonderfull wa work. The song climbs higher and higher before dying down to come in for a shattering climax. The audiance roars. "Power to Love" and "Message to Love" find Jimi in fine guitar work with wonderful vocals by Buddy, Billy, and himself. "We gotta Live Together" is a great way to finish with a great vocal by Buddy and great guitar work by Jimi.

This is great stuff and it only makes you think what could have happened next, if Jimi had lived. All I can say to that is: "They don't know, like I know, do you know, I dont know."

To listen to some soundclips from Band of Gypses or to purchase it, click on: Band of Gypses icon


By Net Pimp
November 29, 2000
Rating: 9.5

What can I say about this? Some unfairly critisize this double set for Hendrix's singing, they feel he's got no knack for rock rhythms, but that's all because he incorporates blues, hard rock, R & B and even jazz so well. Listen to "Rainy Day, Dream Away" and you'll know he'd of collaborated with Miles Davis down the road. His riffs are not chunky, not rocking or rhythmic like Keith Richards or Pete Townshend. He seriously picks the hell out of his machine of an instrument. He enlists Jack Casady for bass and Steve Winwood on organ for "Voodoo Chile". Winwood, especially, and Casady are stunning. 14 minutes of jamming, awesome instrumentation all round.  Voodoo Child (Slight Return) is a10.0, legendary for its explosive guitar work. Hendix can hit about 5 or 6 notes per second sometimes! There's no doubt most of these are essentials in 60s rockers. Hendrix bridged the gap between black R & B, jazz, blues and such and rock n' roll, previously taken over by white acts starting in the 60s. A must-have, I think. And some seem to not like Hendrix on the It's a Gas Gas Gas Message Board, but although Keith Richards is great, let's admit Hendrix was greater. No matter who he copied or ripped off, he still made it his own unique style and played it better than his influences. They all admitted it. Michael Bloomfield admitted he felt like never playing guitar for a year at least because Hendrix was just so damn amazing he felt like he should just surrender his guitar. Even Clapton, God (hee hee)  admitted it too.

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First Rays of the New Rising Sun
By Harrison Russell
December 13, 2005
Rating: 10.0

Jimi Hendrix's New Rising Sun is a magnificent album. The album has songs like "Freedom", "Izabella","Room full of Mirrors",and 13 more great tracks. The track "Hey Baby/New Rising Sun" is my favorite Hendrix song (that and "All along the Watchtower"). The song is a very beautiful one about an angelic woman that comes to Jimi from the land of the new rising. The songs starts out with a free verse riff, that leads in to a slow powerful riff, that tells the story of the song. Another one of my favorite songs "My friend" is a blues song recorded like a bar scene. The song has a soulful blues riff and lyrics about loneliness. Another great track "Drifting" is a slow, sad song, that was originally only had a guitar to it. After Jimi's death in September 1970, drums and bass were added completing this majestic track.

The LP has many more great tracks like "Easy Rider" and "Astroman" and the famous "In from the Storm". Jimi Hendrix is the master of the strat (along with Pink Floyd's David Gilmore.) This makes a great addition to your Hendrix collection.

To listen to some soundclips from First Rays of the New Rising Sun or to purchase it, click on: First Rays Of The New Rising Sun (Remastered)

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