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Surrealistic Pillow
By Duce Morgan
November 5, 2004
Rating: 9.0

Jefferson Airplane optimizes 1960's "hippie rock", and Surrealistic Pillow is the bands most defining album. The Airplane explored many vibrant and hypnotic sounds. Experimentation with organs, flutes, several different guitars, harmonicas, tambourines, maracas and the influence of Grateful Dead rocker Jerry Garcia (who was the bands spiritual advisor) made their music come to life. The true gem of the album is "White Rabbit," a fantastic Grace Slick ballad about drugs and Alice in Wonderland. "Somebody to Love," along with "White Rabbit" are the singles and hits of the album.

The only true fault of the album though, is the lacking of any exhilarating guitar solo's. This is most likely due to the "laid-back," senses the band wanted to created. Surrealistic Pillow is a musical masterpiece. Combining talent and such an appeal to the times makes it a cherished classic.

To listen to some soundclips from Surrealistic Pillow, or to purchase it click on: Surrealistic Pillow (Bonus Tracks)

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