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All Things Must Pass
By Der Kommissar
January 6, 2004
Rating: 9.5

This review is for the 2000 reissue.

In 1970, fans of The Beatles were in a state of shock and disappointment - the rock band that they had grown up with had gone its separate ways. Unfortunately, many of the fans failed to see the break-up through what it really was - a new beginning. Each member of the band went on to a solo career, and would continue to please fans for years to come. In 1970, George Harrison, the so-called "quiet" Beatle would have the opportunity to make his voice heard once and for all - with All Things Must Pass. Just about a month and a half before Harrison's death in 2001, the album was remixed and reissued, with bonus tracks!

You're going to hear MANY reviews praising this album, and why not? IT RULES! Many of George's biggest solo hits were created on this album. The track that would go on to be his biggest solo hit of the seventies, "My Sweet Lord", can be found here. This is a mostly acoustic track, though it certainly has a darker vibe to it than "Here Comes The Sun" did. To not love this track is a sin! The track brought Harrison legal trouble - a girl band from the sixties called The Chiffons claimed that it was a rip-off of their hit "He's So Fine". Another big solo hit for Harrison, "What Is Life", can also be found here. This is pop-friendly rock the way only Harrison could have done. But the excellence doesn't stop with those two big hits. There are also the minor hits, "Wah Wah" and "Isn't It A Pity". The former is one of Harrison's stranger rockers, but it's still an excellent track. There are two versions of the latter on the album, both of which are excellent (though I lean more toward the first version, which was a bigger hit.) Harrison also tries his hand at bluesy, country-based rock with "Apple Scruffs". The album's opening track, "I'd Have You Anytime", is another melodic rock masterpiece worth listening to. One of the album's darker tracks is the heavily underrated "Beware Of Darkness". It's a shame this song didn't get as popular as some of the bigger hits on the album. A softer, pop-oriented track called "If Not For You" is another one of the album's masterpieces which never got the proper credit. Surprisingly, the best track on the album NEVER got any popularity whatsoever - it's a little masterpiece called "Art Of Dying". This is a classic rocker that employs guitar usage similar to that of Cream, but it also throws in a horn section to keep things interesting. DO NOT SKIP THIS TRACK UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE! Every track here is excellent, in its own way.

This reissue of the album, as you may have read above, features some bonus tracks. One of them is an instrumental version of "What Is Life". Even without Harrison's vocals, the song still sounds very nice. There is also a new version of "My Sweet Lord", recorded in 2000. It wasn't a very good idea. In this new version, his voice sounds terrible - evidence of his diminishing health that would kill him a year later. One of the most obscure (but still excellent) bonus tracks present is "It's Johnny's Birthday". This sounds very different than what you're used to hearing from Harrison, but it's still good. The most interesting bonus tracks of all are definitely the "jam sessions", located toward the end of the second disc. These lengthy, all-instrumental masterpieces will show you that Harrison is a musical genius. Of course, you already knew that, didn't you?

Bottom line? All Things Must Pass is one of the greatest albums ever recorded, and there is no question that it is worthy of its position as Harrison's most popular album. If you're a fan of Harrison, this is an album that you should not be without. Just make sure you buy this reissue with the bonus tracks (the reissue is easy to pick out because the (obscure) cover has been colorized.) Fans of Harrison or The Beatles - DO NOT BE CAUGHT WITHOUT THIS ALBUM!

All Things Must Pass
By  T.H.
December 31, 2003
Rating: 9.0

In the careers of the solo Beatles, they each had one stand alone album. For John, Paul and Ringo it came later on, put George hit it on the first go around.

The album starts nicely with the soft "I'd Have You Anytime" and "My Sweet Lord" but its "Wah-Wha" that really gets you going. The simple mostly electric version of "What Is Life" could've been better if he'd stuck with the original backing (also available as a bonus track on the remastered CD)

The album takes a more feel good, almost reggae, turn with "If Not For You". "Run of The Mill" features some delightful Acoustic Guitar and Piano.

The second CD takes a slower more relaxing pace with "Beware of Darkness". And "Apple Scrufs gets you up and snapping you fingers with its fast tempo. And "Hear Me Lord" closes this album well.

When this album was released it shot to #1 and was (I believe) the first triple album to do so. The re-made "My Sweet Lord 2000", featured in the remastered version serves the song well. Good job George.

To listen to some soundclips from All Things Must Pass or to purchase it click on: All Things Must Pass (Bonus Tracks)

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