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By  Jacob
August 16, 2005
Rating: 10.0

Hotel California eat your heart out. Ok, I really enjoy that LP, but I have to say Desperado is the Eagles finest hour in their career. Starting off with "Doolin-Dalton" a beautiful piece of music. Hotel California had it's self titled track which is a very good song, but is hailed as their best song, and because of that, it is overplayed. Then theres the very upbeat country tune "Twenty-One", which is what Eagles upbeat tunes should be all about, nice, twangy and fast paced. Hotel California's "New Kid in Town" was never a favorite of theirs for me, just something about the piano that didn't thrill me. Desperados "Out of Control" is a good rocker. "Tequila Sunrise" is classic Eagles. "Desperado" is a nice dark mellow tune everyone should know and love. Oh yeah its a "Certain Kind of Fool", great upbeat song. The Instrumental is quite nice and simple, a racap of "Doolin-Dalton". "Outlaw Man" is great rockin' song and sounds very much like a Neil Young song. "Saturday Night" is pretty good. "Bitter Creek" is one of the best songs on this album and better then most any song on Hotel California. The album reprise is a great ending to a great album. Early Eagles just had something that wasn't topped by their later albums like the somewhat overrated Hotel California. Their sound was more fresh with Eagles and Desperado, like they weren't trying to hard to please people. Just great classic country rock the way it should be. Desperado is their best!

To listen to some sound clips from Desperado or to buy it, click on: Desperado


By FujiSaki
July 1, 2000
Rating: 10.0

For my money, the best album ever by anyone.

The title track is recognized as one of rock's all time best songs, but it is not even the best on this album. "The Last Resort" gives me shivers every time I hear it. It is as good as the Stones "Sympathy For the Devil" lyrically and is the most underrated song ever written. "Wasted Time" and "Pretty Maids All In A Row" are, also, both very powerful songs. "New Kid In Town" follows the traditional Eagles format of country rock but aside from "Take It Easy", it is the best country rock tune the put out. Every great album needs a good hard rock tune and "Life In the Fast Lane" is it. Great guitar by Joe Walsh through out it. The title track is of course, incredible and I prefer it in the electric format. Henley's vocals are strong through out the album and the instrumentation is fantastic. The Eagles Greatest Hits I is the biggest selling album of all time and Hotel California, an actual studio album, is stronger than that.

To listen to some sound clips from HOTEL CALIFORINA or to buy it, click on: Hotel California - or Hotel California - CC Music

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