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By FujiSaki
August 30, 2000
Rating: 9.5

Great album. Many people view McLean as a one hit wonder. He's anything but that. Anyone who owns this album knows it too. Of course, the title track is a masterpiece, and if you have ever read the meaning behind each lyric, you will realize it's 10 times better than you ever thought it was. But there is a ton of other great music hear too. McLean gives one of the all time best vocal performances on "Vincent"(about Vincent Van Gogh). "The Grave" is a frightening tune about Vietnam and "Babylon" is a beautiful and melodic song. "Everybody Loves Me Baby"  shows his remarkable insight into the human condition. Just listen to the lyrics of  "Winterwood". It seems like a simple song but it's true brilliance will come if you just sit and listen. Probably his best album, although Prime Time gives it a run for it's money, this one is a must. You will feel like you have been missing out on so much when you finally get it.

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