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By T.H.
January 17, 2004
Rating: 9.5

When someone asks me who is a good singer songwriter, or what album by a singer songwriter is the best, I have one distinct answer, this one. This album is certainly one of the best female rock/ jazz albums and even one of the best rock albums. Carol King has a way of songwriting, which, I think, is better than any other female songwriter. "I Feel the Earth Move" is an example of this. In only 2.57, she establishes that she can really play very well. "So Far Away" is her best ballad, and it has a good tempo. "Its Too Late" was the song that propelled her career with a bang, an official American #1. It is considered as one of the best songs of that era (1973). "You've Got A Friend", despite a fantastic James Taylor cover version, years later, Carol captures the soul and songwriting that James cannot match. "Natural Woman" is a prime example of Carol's unique backing vocal arrangements, its no wonder that in the 60's she wrote for many Girl Groups.

Overall a great, great, album. Others have tried but there really is only one Carol King.

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