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By Net Pimp
June 24, 2001
Rating: 9.5

This is the CD version I'm talkin about. A great relic from the 5th best 60s band (behind the Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys, the Who). how can you argue with their great folk riffs, psychedelic playing and wonderful harmonies.
"So You Wanna Be a Rock n' Roll Star" (10) sure captures the perils of being a demanded rock star, how to become one and how to deal with the pressure. Hugh Masekela's trumpet solos are also enthralling. Chris Hillman delivers a sensational bass line, as always. His own "Have You Seen Her Face?"(8) is a sincere and wistful song. He also has the countryish "Time Between"(8) the spacey "Thoughts and Words,"(9.5) another country-like song "The Girl with No Name" (8.5) Crosby actually does a fair job here, despite the lame "Mind Gardens"(5.5) has the sweet beauty of "Renissaince Fair,"(10) the surreal "Everybody's Been Burned,"(10) plus the B-side gem "Lady Friend."(9)
Of course, in collaboration, they do as equally great, with the album version of "Why" (8) and a single version of "Old John Robertson"(7.5). Talk about feuding, their only real group collaboration was Bob Dylan's "My Back Pages,"(10) the true highlight. "CTA-101"(6) is some dumb space trippy stuff as well. And don't say The Notorious Byrd Bros. was a masterpiece, it was mostly dreamy, airy-fairy junk. This is the masterpiece.

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