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Blind Faith
November14, 2004
Rating: 10.0

Cream had proven to be too much for Eric Clapton. After that band broke up, he and Ginger Baker decided to join up with Stevie Winwood who had just left Traffic. The three began jamming and writing songs and later joined by bassist/violinist Rick Grech to form Blind Faith. The short-lived Supergroup produced one album and an unsuccessful tour, but god was this album amazing!

Winwood’s voice just soars on songs like “Had to Cry Today,”  where Clapton plays some awesome guitar behind him. Clapton’s “Presence of the Lord”   is an amazing song, which features Clapton’s leslie-tele sound and Stevie’s amazing voice and piano before it goes into the awesome wah part where Clapton reveals that he still is the GOD we knew from Cream. Another fantastic song is Buddy Holly’s “Well Allright” with both Clapton and Winwood singing fantastic. The jam at the end is even more awesome with Stevie playing some of his incendiary piano. Winwood seems to be the star of the show on the other songs. “Can’t Find My Way Home” is a beautiful song as is “Sea of Joy,” which is possibly Stevie’s best singing on the album as well as including some of Rick Grech’s fantastic violin work. “Do What you Like” is Baker’s composition and an awesome jam where everybody plays some awesome solos. Clapton and Baker’s jazzy-like solos are huge standouts.

This is one of the greatest albums in history for both Clapton and Winwood. If you are fan of either of them, or just good music, you MUST get this album!

To listen to some soundclips from Blind Faith or to purchase it, click on: Blind Faith or Blind Faith (banned cover)

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