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by Timothy Getz
July 24, 2009
Rating: 9.5

What a record that gets stronger in its course! Not that the start is bad, but nothing beats "New York State Of Mind," the closing to the A side.  Side Two features darker songs, from the Kansas-like "Angry Young Man" to the wonderful piano ballad "I've Loved These Days," on which the seemingly innocent Long Islander throws in the drug that starts with "c" and isn't coffee. 

The span of subject material - traveling, rural and urban, love and trouble, or as David Bowie would say, "loving, not liking" - makes a very interesting listen. I snagged this for under $10 on iTunes and if you have access, do it!

Where live Billy Joel has trouble with the authenticity or grit of guitar, don't worry for Turnstiles

A final note: If Joel had a "commercial" makeover like Elton did with Honky Chateau, I'd say this is the calm before the storm for this piano man.  The influence of reggae and Ray Charles stands out more so than Foreigner. 

To listen to some sound clips from Turnstiles, or to buy it, click on: Turnstiles

The Stranger

By Phil
September 11, 2004
Rating: 10.0

The Stranger, is definitely Billy Joel's best album ever. It starts out with the great song,  "Movin' Out", which has a great beat to walk to, a great way to start off the album. The next song on this album describes the song, and the album right by it's title, which is "The Stranger". Next there's, "Just The Way You Are", which is about a guy telling his girl that she doesn't have to change anything about herself for him to love her. "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant" is the next song and is the best one on this album. All of the music in it are amazing, and if it weren't for Billy's amazing piano, and vocal talent, that song wouldn't be as great as it is. it is. The next song on the album starts out with a perfect music solo, it's called "Vienna". "Only The Good Die Young" is next and doesn't have much of a piano part, but is still a great song. The seventh song on this album is, "She's Always A Woman", which talks about a new, independent type of women. Next we have, "Get It Right The First Time", which starts out with a great drum beat that plays throughout the song. The last song, but certainly not the least is, "Everybody Has A Dream", and I can't think of any better message that you can end this fantastic album with, and the song is ended with the intro from the song, "The Stranger".

To listen to some sound clips from The Stranger, or to buy it, click on: The Stranger - CC Music or The Stranger: 30th Anniversary Legacy Edition (2-Disc -

To download the album, click here: Billy Joel - The Stranger - MP3 Download

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