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By Sandy Scott
July 1, 2002
Rating: 9.0

One of the most underrated artist of all-time is the legendary Alice Cooper. For over thirty years, he has shocked and rocked audiences. Cooper is wellnoted for his trailblazing early and mid 70's work. However, Alice still records and some of his later albums have actually been quite good. Check out 1983's Dada, which brings back the return of legendary produced Bob Ezrin. However, most of his 80's work with the exception of Raise Your Fist and Yell and to a lesser degree, Trash paled in comparison to his classic work. Enter the 1990's. Was Alice capable of putting out any more great albums? I am proud to say yes. 1992's Hey Stoopid album contained a few memorable moments, but it was 1994's Last Temptation album that proved Alice was back. That album is highly underrated. However, let's move to the more recent and the year 2000. It had been six years since Alice's last studio release (though his excellent boxset was put out at this time). The time from recording obviously helped the Coop, because it brought about the conceptual Brutal Planet CD. The album is a masterpiece and it is as good as his classic 70's material. It is the heaviest album of his long career and a musthave. The CD begins with the title track and a vision of what the world has become. From there it tells the story of a 'Wicked Young Man'. Each song contains a vision of what kind of world we have become. The songs are hard hitting and scary. Alice's voice sounds amazing. Standouts include the haunting 'Pick Up the Bones', 'It's The Little Things', and the excellent 'Cold Machines'. This is one of Alice's finest moments and a nice reintroduction to one of rock's all-time greatest performers.

To listen to some soundclips from BRUTAL PLANET or to purchase it click on: Brutal Planet - Alibris

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