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by Darius Henry
July 20, 2009
Rating: 9.5

Around this time last year, my dad had bought me an Aerosmith album called Toys in the Attic. I’ve heard a lot about Aerosmith. Especially since I’m a Hip-Hop fan, I first heard of them through Run-DMC's version of “Walk This Way”. Well, I thought to myself  “Let me get a listen on what a big deal this band is”. Now I know why this band is one of the longest lasting bands; they’re that damn good. I mean, they lasted almost as long as the Rolling Stones. The only difference is that they still have all the original members, and after 35 years, that’s saying something, especially for a Rock band. I mean, I love all the songs on this album. They are all great.

This album starts off with the title track. It’s a great Hard Rock song. It’s not a perfect song, but damn sure a near perfect song with its perfect riffs. The next song, “Uncle Salty”, is one of my personal favorite songs on this album. I was a little disappointed when Keno gave this a 6.4. But that’s all right. I still love this great song about their uncle warning them about a girl. It has a great bassline and guitar riffs. The next song, “Adam’s Apple”, is a very good Blues song. Not personally my favorite, but it tells a great story about the Garden of Eden. The next song, “Walk This Way”, is not only the best song on this album; it’s THE BEST song they have ever done. I mean, Stevie rapping (OK, he was singing, but it really does sound like he was rapping in this track) is fantastic, plus the great drums beat by Joey Kramer, the bassline is great, and we can’t forget the guitar riffs. What more can you ask for? And since Stevie was rapping, no wonder why it worked so well when they re-recorded it with Run-DMC a decade later and make a better version. The next song, “Big Ten Inch Record”, is a great Ragtime song. Of course it’s a very, very dirty song. But the music is really great.

Side B starts off with fan-favorite, “Sweet Emotion”. Great Hard Rock song is all I can say. I love the bassline by Tom Hamilton, and an awesome guitar riffs and solo by Joe Perry. No wonder why fans love this so much. Plus the singing is so great on here. The next song, “No More No More” is also one of my favorites. It’s a great Classic Rock song. I love the riffs and the solo. Plus this is a great singing on here by Stevie Tyler. I think this the best vocal performance by Stevie on this album. Then we have the Heavy Metal song, “Round and Round”. Great riffs, not by Perry, but by Brad Whitford. Plus the drums' beat is great and the solo is very good. I love every minute of it. The last song, “You See Me Cryin’” is a nice ballad. I always believe that this is the very first Power Ballad as it would influence so many other Power Ballad in the 1980s. Now that I think about it, I think Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home” was heavily influence by this song.

Again, what a great album. It’s worth it alone with “Sweet Emotion” and certainly “Walk This Way”. It is certainly a great Rock & Roll record with a wide range of music. From Blues, Ragtime, Heavy Metal, and even Hip-Hop, you will get a great album. That’s why I totally dig this album.

by Rob Michaels
July 26, 2001
Rating: 10.0

Now I have watched VH1's top 100 greatest albums of Rock and Roll and I believe that they were right on every album except one, one that wasn't included.......Toys In the Attic..... I have and own every Aerosmith album and I think that if I was to narrow down the collection to one album this would be it. With songs like 'Walk This Way' and 'Sweet Emotion' this album Rocks. They even throw in the ballad 'You See Me Cryin.' Which in the early 80's, A drugged up Steven Tyler said he wanted to cover it, which says alot. If you get an album from the 70's get this one.

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