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by Bobby T.
May 6, 2013
RRating: 9.0

AC/DC released their long awaited follow-up to 1981's For Those About To Rock We Salute You in August 1983. Although this would be the bands ninth effort (eight studio albums and one live album), Flick of the Switch was the Australian rockers third studio effort with singer Brian Johnson, the Newcastle native who replaced the late great Bon Scott in 1980 after his untimely death. And considering the success of Johnson's first two efforts (Back in Black and For Those About To Rock…), and the fact that the band decided to replace legendary producer Robert John "Mutt" Lange and self-produce this recording, the pressure was clearly on. The band most definitely answered the bell with a raw, back to the roots effort in Flick of the Switch. Turn it up loud folks (is there any other way to listen to AC/DC?) and get ready to rock and roll.

The album opens up with the bluesy "Rising Power" and continues the blues feel with "This House is on Fire". The title track appears third, a throwback to the Bon Scott days reminiscent of the 1978 classic "Sin City". Johnson's vocals are as primal as ever, and damned be all who accuse him of being nothing more than a screamer. "Nervous Shakedown" and the fast paced boogie "Landslide" complete side one, and the pounding begins anew with the solo guitar intro of side two's "Guns For Hire". Angus Young's tasty Gibson SG is at full throttle as he literally fires away with the opening riffs. The rest of the band promptly joins in with a smash and a thud and the boys are off to the races yet again. "Deep in the Hole" harkens a "Back in Black" boogie feel, and "Bedlam in Belgium" once again brings the listener back to the days of Bon. "Badlands" follows, and here the Young brothers really go back to the blues with a quasi-slide guitar sound that hits you in the gut. The album closes out with "Brain Shake”, perhaps the weakest track on the album but still a feel good rock and roll boogie tune.

Perhaps this great band from Down Under will never fill the shoes of 1980's Back in Black, but if it's stripped down, raw AC/DC rock and roll you are looking for, this is a must have album for your collection.

To listen to some soundclips from Flick of the Switch or to purchase it click on: Flick Of The Switch

By David Reisner
March 11/2004
Rating: 10.0

Wow!!!, what an album. This is one of the best rock albums I have ever heard. Most of the songs on this album are good except for a couple songs. It is good from start to finish, as it starts out with the kick ass song "Hells Bells". And of course You have got the classics like "Shoot to Thrill", "Back in Black", and "You Shook Me All Night Long". There is a song on here that many people never talk about and that is "Let Me Put My Love Into You". This was the first album with new singer Brian Johnson. And to be quite frank his voice just gets down right annoying sometimes.(Bon Scott was way way better by the way.) Any person who wants to get into this band this should be the first album you should pick up. Again this is one of the all around best rock albums. Angus Young's guitar will send a chill down your spine. What a great album!!

By Rob
February 13, 2002
Rating: 10.0

Back In Black
was released in July of 1980 at Compass Point Studios, Bahamas. Produced by George Young and Harry Vanda it was the first album the band released with Brian Johnson doing the vocals due to the death of the bands former lead singer Bon Scott. After it's release it proved to be the bands best ever album and became the worlds most successful heavy metal album ever and to this date, selling up to 12 million units. In the USA it charted as high as #3 and in the UK it charted #1 for two consecutive weeks. Though with a new lead singer, it still proved to have the same grunt that any other ac/dc album had has, with the giant decibels of Angus Young's guitar and the pounding of Phil Rudds drumming, and Angus Young's, Malcolm Young's and Brian Johnson's ability to write some of rocks greatest anthems which came from this album such as 'Hells Bells', 'Back In Black', 'Shoot To Thrill' and 'You Shook Me all Night Long'. This album is great music for party, for at the pub or just blasting the stereo away for fun. For all ac/dc fans the collection wouldn't be complete with out it.

To listen to some soundclips from BACK IN BLACK or to purchase it click on: AC/DC Back In Black CD


By Rob
July 11, 2002
Rating: 10.0

Highway To Hell was released in 1979 and was the album that made AC/DC the world wide multi million band they are today. It was one of Bon Scott's best album with the band and also proved to be his last. It showed how Bon Scott's vocal ability was unique in many ways especially on the smash hit single 'Highway To Hell' which has gone in history as one off the most popular and well known rock anthems. Angus Young's guitaring is also at it's high's on this album which is all most unbeatable in many ways, and the brilliant drumming by Phil Rudd. Other great songs from this album include 'Shot Down In Flames' which has been included in many off their live tours over the years, 'Nigh Prowler', which caused them some trouble in the mid 80's with the night stalker incident, but still a brilliantly done song , so well done that it could leave you shaking and really want to make you shut your blinds and lock the doors.' If You Want Blood' is was another example of Bon Scott's great vocal ability. The only let down found here is 'Love Hungary Man', which was a bit unlike AC/DC, Even Angus Young would agree ( he said it was his least favorite song ).

To listen to some soundclips from HIGHWAY TO HELL or to purchase it click on: Highway To Hell (Live Nation)


By Rob
May 30, 2002
Rating: 10.0

This particular album was released only in Australia and New Zealand. Later AC/DC released a album called High Voltage with most of the tracks from this album but the T.N.T album has the two songs 'Rocker' and the Chuck Berry cover 'School Days' which were not released on album any where else. The album was clearly one of the greatest albums to be released especially when Australian Rock N Roll is concerned. When the album was released it charted #2. The First hit single was the long famed song 'It's Along Way To The Top (if you want to rock n roll)' which charted at #5. It also featured Bon Scott on the bagpipes, thus being the very first rock/heavy metal song to ever have bag pipes played in it. With a Bagpipe solo after the first chorus followed by Angus Young's guitar screaming all hell at the same time after the solo, defiantly make an original and a sound that is owned and created by AC/DC and Only AC/DC. other hits include the title track 'T.N.T' which also is on of the most famous tracks in rock/heavy metal history and 'High Voltage' also quite well known. This album is clearly one of the bands best done work and best performance with the now deceased lead singer Bon Scott. No record collection shouldn't be with out it.

To listen to some soundclips from T.N.T.. or to purchase it click on:

By Angus
December 29, 2004
Rating: 10.0

Let There Be Rock is perhaps AC/DC's best album ever. Song's like "Let there be Rock" and "Problem Child" are instant AC/DC classics. The fillers such as "Bad boy Boogie" "Overdose" and "Hell ain't A Bad place to be" are awesome as well and show Malcom and Angus at there best. Many people credit Back in Black as AC/DC's best album, but after listening to this I realize that they were sorely mistaken. Nothing in Rock and Roll compares to the raw Rock and Roll energy that the boys put into this album. Another thing that surprised me about this album was the creativity. "Let There Be Rock" has surpassingly creative lyrics for an AC/DC song. Good enough to rival "The Piano Man" by Billy Joel. There is not one bad song on this entire album. You can listen to this entire CD straight through without having to skip tracks unless you want to listen to "Let there be Rock" 20 times in a row. It's just that good.

By carl farrar
July 10, 2004
Rating: 9.5

Many people believe Highway To Hell and Back in Black are the definitive AC/DC albums, but if your looking for raw power, blazing solos and killer songs, Let There Be Rock is fare superior. The album opens with the thunderous "Go Down" a song about a groupie and sex naturally. Then there's "Dog eat Dog" let down only by the solo. The tile track is a huge rock history lesson with some hot guitar work, then comes the live fave bad boy boogie a great example of the young brothers interplay. "Problem Child", "Overdose" and "Hell ain't a bad place to be" are all rock monsters but the best song is yet to come, the albums closer "Whole Lotta Rosie" is a classic just listen to the breath taking outro. the album would have got 10 if it weren't for "Dog eat Dog" and the poor production, but this a classic and most of the songs are constantly in AC/DCs live set.

To listen to some soundclips from Let There Be Rock or to purchase it click on: AC/DC: Let There be Rock! Video

By christophoros
July 9, 2000
Rating: 6.5

I don't want to listen to this double-album that often and don't know why, because it's actually kinda good. I think, that the
songs just don't have that much of a meaning to me, they seem to mainly serve as fun/party rock. Here you have got mainly a
greatest-hits parade, and I have got a hard time finding an important AC/DC song, that isn't included here. AC/DC since 1973
mainly play songs about alcohol and women, and here, they give you a representative insight into their repertoire. However, on
the one or other song the always the same kind of music gets boring. Tracks like "Bonny" obviously more serve as breakfillers
for cooling down the audience between two rock classics and keeping the tension alive. My favorite songs on this recording?
"Thunderstruck" (you hear the fire of the thunder burning, although I think, that the sound is partially stolen from "Jumpin' Jack
Flash" by the Rolling Stones), "Hells Bells" (is this THE song of AC/DC, which makes them to be seen as satanic?), "Let there be Rock" (also if it's not as great as the ones from real metalbands-a real epos!) and "Highway to Hell" (the original belongs to the last songs before the death of the former singer, and the title already says it all!).

To listen to some sound clips from AC/DC LIVE or to buy it click on: AC/DC Live (Buy,com) iconor AC/DC Live - Alibris

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