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Becoming the Beatles 

Released on April 8, 2013, by Wienerworld
Produced by Formative Productions
Run Time: 52 minutes
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Yet another documentary on the early Beatles and how they came about, with many different interviews by friends and former colleagues of the band. Now some might think that there are too many such docs out covering this subject matter. But unlike some of the others that are not worth paying a dime to see, this one will hold the interest of even non-Beatle fans. Put together very nicely, this doc starts off covering the earliest of the Beatle days, with the formation of John Lennon's first band, the Quarrymen, back in 1956, with their first drummer Colin Hanton, amongst others, telling some nice tales about this pre Beatles group - before Paul McCartney, and then George Harrison, joined the group, and how John as a teen was known as the bad kid you were told to avoid by your parents. Yet the smart kids were drawn to him, kids like Paul and George.

Some of the others interviewed in this DVD include Len Goodman, Phil Collins, Gerry Marsden, Allan Williams, and there are several different, be it short, interviews with John, and one also with Paul, made while in Paris, just before the band was heading to New York City for the very first time.

The only downer about this DVD is that there is no Beatles music in it. I guess it costs too much for producers to include the Fabs' music in their documentaries these days, but perhaps they should think again about this, because the only thing missing with this doc, is that.

Keno, 2013

To order a copy, click on:  US: Becoming the Beatles [Import anglais]     UK: Wienerworld Ltd.

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