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Who's Next

Released - 1971, MCA Records. Produced by The Who

Roger Daltrey - Lead and Backing Vocals
Pete Townshend - Guitars, Piano, Organ, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals, Occasional Lead Vocals
John Entwistle - Bass Guitar, Brass, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals and Piano on "My Wife"
Keith Moon - Drums and Percussion

Additional Personnel: Nicky Hopkins - Piano on "The Song Is Over" & "Gettin' in Tune". Dave Arbus - Violin on "Baba O'Riley".

All songs written by Pete Townshend except "My Wife", written by John Entwistle.

Baba O'Riley   10.0
Bargain     6.5
Love Ain't For Keeping     6.8
My Wife     8.6
The Song Is Over     8.0
Gettin' In Tune   10.0
Going Mobile   10.0
Behind Blue Eyes   10.0
Won't Get Fooled Again   10.0
Ave.    8.87



Great rock 'n roll from The Who on this one. I love this album! "Won't Get Fooled Again" is one of rock's most powerful songs with a great organ and synthesizer throughout it, not bad lyrics, either! "Baba O'Riley" plays the same way with more of that great sounding synthesizer. "Going Mobile" is yet another high energy tune, about living one's life out on the road, with the lead vocal sang by Pete Townshend.

"Gettin' In Tune" is a little more mellow, but it's results are just as powerful. "Behind Blue Eyes" is a wonderful ballad that turns into a nice rocker before it finishes up. Of course Townshend 's guitars are a main part of all this power, as is Roger Daltrey's lead vocals. John Entwistle, who up to this album's release was the best bass player in rock, proves it here once again. His song "My Wife", is another fine written number. And lets don't forget Mr. Madman, Keith Moon, who's fine drumming is yet another key part of the album. In all, a great band's best ever album. If you love rock music, this one is a must!

- Keno 2000

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