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Released - November 16, 1993... Produced by Tom Petty, Jimmy Iovine, Jeff Lynne, Denny Cordell, Noah Shark, Dave Stewart, Rick Rubin & Mike Campbell

Tom Petty - Lead & Backing Vocals; Guitars; Keyboards

The Heartbreakers:

Mike Campbell - Lead Guitars; Keyboards; Bass on track 8
Benmont Tench - Keyboards; Backing Vocals
Stan Lynch - Drums; Backing Vocals
Howie Epstein - Bass on tracks 9 thru 11 and on tracks 13 thru 18; Backing Vocals
Ron Blair - Bass on tracks 1 thru 7
Additional Personnel:
Jeff Lynne - Bass on track 12; Backing Vocals on tracks 14 thru 16
Dave Stewart - Sitar on track 11
George Harrison - Slide Guitar on track 12


SONG (written by)


American Girl (Petty) 1976   9.0
Breakdown (Petty) 1976 10.0
Listen To Her Heart (Petty) 1978 10.0
I Need To Know (Petty) 1978   8.0
Refugee (Petty/Campbell) 1979 10.0
Don't Do Me Like That (Petty) 1979   7.9
Even The Losers (Petty) 1979   8.0
Here Comes My Girl (Petty/Campbell) 1979   9.2
The Waiting (Petty) 1981   9.4
You Got Lucky (Petty/Campbell) 1982 10.0
Don't Come Around Here No More (Petty/Stewart) 1985 10.0
I Won't Back Down (Petty/Lynne) 1989 10.0
Runnin' Down A Dream (Petty/Campbell/Lynne) 1989 10.0
Free Fallin' (Petty/Lynne) 1989 10.0
Learning To Fly (Petty/Lynne) 1991    7.7
Into The Great Wide Open (Petty/Lynne) 1991    9.1
Mary Jane's Last Dance (Petty) 1993    8.5
Something In The Air (John Keen) 1993    7.4
Ave. -    9.1


If it had not been for Tom Petty being around in the 1980s and putting out great new rock music at that time, that decade would have been a total waste - music wise anyway, for many classic rock fans, including myself. His music made you feel like you were going back in time - to the '60s and early '70s, the sound that so many of us wanted to hear, and when you listen to this album, you will get that late '60s feel from his music, for sure.

Oh yes, this LP is a true greatest hits album, just loaded with fantastic songs! Sure a few of Tom Petty's best didn't make it on to here, but other than the album's last song, the cover of Thunderclap Newman's "Something In The Air", which should not have been placed on here, all the other tunes are great picks.

Petty's best song ever, "Refugee", from the LP Damn the Torpedoes, is of course found inside this package, along with my second favorite Petty number, that being "I Won't Back Down", with "Don't Come Around Here No More" - a mid '80s psychedelic song, almost as good in its own rite. But there are a few others on here that really are top numbers, too. Since this is a greatest hits album, I'll just let my ratings do the talking for me, but as I like to point out to non fans of any artist who might want to get a feel for a artist they don't really know, then greatest hits LPs are the way to go - and this one is no different, you will know Petty after you hear this LP and chances are you will be a true fan once your first spin is through.

- Keno 2006 


To listen to some soundclips from TOM PETTY'S GREATEST HITS or to purchase it, click on: Tom Petty - Greatest Hits [Bonus Track]

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