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Released -  1972 on Edsel Records. Produced by Tony Visconti

Marc Bolan - Lead Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Mickey Finn - Percussion, Backing Vocals
Bill Legend - Drums
Steve Currie -  Bass

Additional Personal:

Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan (aka Flo & Eddie) - Backing Vocals

All songs written by Marc Bolan

Metal Guru     9.2
Mystic Lady     7.0
Rock On     7.9
The Slider     9.2
Baby Boomerang     7.6
Spaceball Ricochet     8.2
Rabbit Fighter     9.0
Buick Mackane     8.0
Telegram Sam     8.4
Baby Strange     8.0
Ballrooms of Mars     9.4
Chariot Choogle     8.5
Main Man     7.8
Cadillac     8.8
Thunderwing     9.0
Lady     7.5
Ave.    8.33



The Slider was T-Tex's next album after the great Electric Warrior, and with it T.Rexstacy took off. But was it better than Electric Warrior? For me, even thought it gets almost the same rating as it's predecesor, I get turned on to Electric Warrior a bit more. But this album is much more even and overall has better songs on it. No question, it sold better than Electric Warrior, and was the most successful album in the U.S. for the band.

The album opens with an explosion of sound with  "Metal Guru", which was one of two number one UK hit singles from this album ("Telegram Sam" being the other), and one of the best songs on here, short and sweet, just the way Mac Bolan love to record them. It's title cut, "The Slider", with its simple lyrics is even a bit better, had it not have the same beat of "Planet Queen" from Electric Warrior, it would be a pure ten in my book and the best song on the album. So which song is the best one on here? Well for me anyway, I'll go with the ballad "Ballrooms of Mars", which has some far-out lyrics to it, perhaps the best written song on The Slider.

Every song found on here is wonderful. "Rabbit Fighter", which the album at first was gonna be named after, is another favorite of mine with it's great guitar riff. In fact, in the album's inner notes, Bolan calls this one "The best guitaring I've ever done on record". Then you got the hot, punk sounding number "Chariot Choogle", which is also very enjoyable!

The remastered album now comes in two discs, and includes three tracks that have been added to the original album, all which are found on disc one. The first one of those being "Cadilac", which is yet another great song with another great guitar riff, followed by "Thunderwing", which is even a bit better, and the album now closes with "Lady". These songs were all B side singles and recorded during the album's sessions. I usually don't rate bonus cuts added on later to albums, but since these three are now officially a part of the album, I will this time.

Disc two contains alternate versions as well as demo takes from The Slider's sessions. It's almost like hearing what the album might have been, but wasn't. I'll take the finished product when I want to hear these songs, but still, it is a cool listen, no question.

Keno, 2005

To listen to some soundclips from THE SLIDER or to purchase it, click on: The Slider

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