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Diana Ross & The Supremes

The Definitive Collection

Released - September 28, 2008, on Motown Records. Tracks 1 thru 14 produced by Brian Holland & Lamont Dozier; Tracks 15 and 16 produced by Frank Wilson, R. Dean Taylor, Pam Sawyer, Deke Richards; Track 17 produced by Frank Wilson & Nickolas Ashford; Track 18 produced by Johnny Bristol.

Diana Ross - Lead Vocals on all tracks; plus Backing Vocals on other tracks

Mary Wilson - Backing Vocals on tracks 1 thru 14 and 17
Florence Ballard - Backing Vocals on tracks 1 thru 9 and 11 thru 14
Cindy Birdsong - Backing Vocals on track 17

with The Andantes:

Marlene Barrow - Backing Vocals on tracks 10, 15, 16
Jackie Hicks - Backing Vocals on tracks 15, 16
Louvain Demps - Backing Vocals on tracks 15, 16

with The Temptations on track 17:

Eddie Kendricks - Lead Vocals (w/ Diana Ross)
Melvin Franklin - Backing Vocals
Otis Williams - Backing Vocals
Paul Williams - Backing Vocals
Dennis Edwards - Backing Vocals

and on track 18:

Johnny Bristol - Vocal Sample (ad-libs)
Merry Clayton  - Backing Vocals
Patrice Holloway  - Backing Vocals
Venetta Fields  - Backing Vocals
Clydie King
 - Backing Vocals
Maxine Waters  - Backing Vocals
Julia Waters  - Backing Vocals

Additional Personnel:

Instruments played by The Funk Brothers on tracks 1 thru 11 and 13 thru 18; Detroit Symphony Orchestra on track 17; other musicians not noted.

Tracks 1 thru 14 written by  Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier and Edward Holland, along with Frank DeVol on Track 13; Track 15  written by Deke Richards, Pam Sawyer, R. Dean Taylor, Frank Wilson; Track 16 written by R. Dean Taylor, Frank Wilson, Pam Sawyer, Henry Cosby, Berry Gordy; Track 17 written by Kenneth Gamble, Leon Huff, Jerr Ross; Track 18 written by Johnny Bristol, Jackey Beavers, Harvey Fuqua

# Song First Released Rating
 1  Where Did Our Love Go  1964    10.0
 2  Baby Love  1964    10.0
 3  Come See About Me 1964    10.0
 4  Stop! In the Name of Love  1965    10.0
 5  Back in My Arms Again  1965    10.0
  6 Nothing But Heartaches 1965      9.3 
 7  I Hear a Symphony  1965      9.4 
 8  My World Is Empty Without You  1966      9.4 
 9  Love Is Like an Itching in My Heart 1966      7.6 
10 You Can't Hurry Love  1966    10.0
11 You Keep Me Hangin' On  1966    10.0
12 Love Is Here and Now You're Gone  1967      8.4 
13 The Happening 1967    10.0
14 Reflections  1967      8.0 
15 Love Child  1968    10.0
16 I'm Livin' in Shame  1969    10.0
17 I'm Gonna Make You Love Me 1968    10.0
18 Someday We'll Be Together  1969    10.0
  Ave.      9.56


Diana Ross and The Supremes were the greatest of all the girl groups of the 1960's. Ross, along with Flo Ballard and Mary Wilson, would scored 12 number one singles, all of which are found on this greatest hits album. Diana Ross was the reason for their success, as she was born with one of those unique voices. The group was called "The Supremes" up until July 24, 1967, when the song "Reflections" was released with Ross's name upfront. It was also the last song that Ballard sang on with the group. She would be replaced by Cindy Birdsong in 1968, who appears on one song on this LP. 

Of the twelve songs I rate a ten, I got four clear favorites: "Stop! In the Name of Love", which when released, was the fourth out of five number one hits in a row they would release in 1964-65, and the best of that super bunch. I recall it was something special the night The Supremes premeired the song on TV. Then "You Can't Hurry Love", this gem of a song, about motherly advice, was The Supremes' seventh number-one hit. On "Love Child", Ross sings her heart out, and even if today the lyrics to this song seem so dated (thank goodness for modern birth control), the song still sounds great. Finally, my all time favorite Supremes song, "Someday We'll Be Together", which like "Love Child" isn't really a true Supremes song, with Ross the only Supreme on these two songs (same deal for "I'm Livin' In Shame", too).

"Someday We'll Be Together" was actually recorded with the idea to make it Ross' first solo single, as she was already planning to leave the group at the time. Berry Gordy thought that "Someday" would be a perfect first solo single for Ross. So that's why Wilson and Birdsong aren't on the song. The song's composer, Johnny Bristol, who also produced the song, ended up being on there singing himself - by accident. He was providing Ross with a vocal guide, harmonizing with her as she sang the song, really just adlibbing what ever came to him to get her more into the song. Bristol's vocals weren't suppose to be recorded, but the studio's engineer accidentally did just that. When the song's arranger, Wade Marcus, heard Bristo's adlibs throughout the song, he liked the results and they were kept in there. When Berry Gordy heard the completed song, he changed his mind and decided to release the tune as the final Diana Ross & the Supremes song. The title and lyrics were perfect for a swan song, and it went on to become The Supremes final number one single.

One other interesting song on the LP to note is "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me", one of many songs they did with The Temptations. Of all those other songs the two groups recorded together, this soul number was the best of the bunch, and showed the two super groups blended well together.

Really, all the songs on here are great and bring back happy memories for me of the '60s.  From their first two number one singles that kick off the CD, "Where Did Our Love Go" and Baby Love", to "Someday We'll Be Together" (to bad that would never be the case for the group), you got one excellent album to listen to and enjoy!

- Keno 2011

To listen to some soundclips from The Definitive Collection or to purchase it, click on: The Definitive Collection

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