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Released - October 1976 on Capitol Records. Produced by Bob Seger and Muscle Shoals Rythm Section; with Peter "Punch" Andrews. Bob Seger and Jack Richardson produced the song "Night Moves"

Bob Seger - Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitar

Muscle Shoals Rythm Section (backing band on tracks 5 thru 8):
Pete Carr - Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitar
Jimmy Johnson - Rhythm Guitar
Barry Beckett  - Organ, Piano, Clavinet, Melodica, Arp
David Hood - Bass
Roger Hawkins - Drums, Congas, Maracas, Tambourine, Tympani
Jerry Luck - Accordion on "Ship of Fools"

Silver Bullet Band (backing band on tracks 1, 3, 4 & 9):
Drew Abbot - Guitar (fills on track 8); Backing Vocal on "Mary Lou"
Robin Robbins - Piano & Organ; Saxophones & Flute
Chris Campbell - Bass, Backing Vocal on "Mary Lou"
Charlie Allen Martin - Drums, Maracas, Tambourine, Backing Vocal on "Mary Lou"

Backing band on "Night Moves":
Doug Riley - Piano, Organ 
Joe Miquelon - Guitar
Rhonda Silver - Backing Vocals 
Laurel Ward - Backing Vocals 
Sharon Dee Williams - Backing Vocals 

All songs written by Bob Seger except "Mary Lou", written by Young Jessie & Sam Ling and "Come to Papa" written by Willie Mitchell & Earl Randle.

Rock And Roll Never Forgets    10.0
Night Moves    10.0
The Fire Down Below    10.0
Sunburst      7.5
Sunspot Baby      9.4
Mainstreet    10.0
Come To Poppa      8.5
Ship Of Fools      6.8
Mary Lou      7.0
Ave.      8.8


I've heard from many different women how certain lyrics by several different artists can get them off sexually; but you will never hear this from any guys, that kind of stuff just don't happen to males - except perhaps with the lyrics written by Bob Seger. Well in my case anyway, so many of Seger's lyrics, in so many of his different songs, just makes me feel like seeking out a member of the opposite sex. He just has a way with writing about women in his songs that so many of us guys can relate to better than any other songwriter, and I'll just an average Bob Segar fan at most. This album, Night Moves, contains many of these types of songs.

No question, its title cut, "Night Moves", is not only the best song on the LP, but perhaps his best ever. Talk about a song written about past feelings, it just wasn't his song and his feelings, but so many of us guys can recall the same dealings going on in our early years with the same kind of girl. But it ain't just the great lyrics, the entire song is just put together and played great, and the wonderful acoustic guitar near the ends just finishes this song off so fine.

To call any LP a "classic album", well, you need more than just one great song to be found on it, and Night Moves has several in addition to its title cut. "Rock And Roll Never Forgets" is one of those don't worry be happy songs - but not written in that matter, its upbeat, not mellow, and just reminds you that no matter how long your day might be, you always have your rock music to fall back on.

Is there not any other song more filled with truth than "The Fire Down Below"? Nah, I don't think so, that flame is in most people no matter who you are or what you do for a living, and you're gonna try to temporary douse it sooner or later, even if you do so undercover. No, for mankind it ain't never gonna stop!

The last two great songs on this LP are "Sunspot Baby" - a song about that girl who just gets into your pockets only for the green goods inside, and "Mainstreet", a short but very sweet number. Overall, this album is as classic as rock albums get, and boy, does it bring back some feelings, for sure.

- Keno, 2007

To listen to some soundclips from NIGHT MOVES or to purchase it, click on: Night Moves [Remastered]

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