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Pronouced 'leh-nerd'skin-nerd

Released - September 1973, MCA Records. Produced by Al Kooper

Ronnie Van Zant - Lead Vocals
Gary Rossington - Lead Guitars & Rhythm Guitars
Allen Collins - Rhythm Guitars, Lead Guitar on 'I Ain't The One' & 'Freebird'
Ed King - Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar on 'Mississippi Kid'
Billy Powell - Keyboards
Robert Burns - Drums

Additional Musicians - Leon Wilkeson, Roosevelt Cook (aka Al Kooper), Robert Nix, Bobbi Hall, Steve Katz

All songs written by members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, see below

SONG (writtewn by) RATING
I Ain't The One (Rossington/VanZant)     6.5
Tuesday's Gone (Collins/VanZant)   10.0
Gimme Three Steps (Collins/VanZant)   10.0
Simple Man (Rossington/VanZant)   10.0
Things Goin' On (Rossington/VanZant)     7.0
Mississippi Kid (Burns/Kooper/VanZant)     7.3
Poison Whiskey (King/VanZant)     6.4
Free Bird (Collins/VanZant)   10.0
Ave     8.4

(Note: There are now five added demo songs on the CD of this album, not noted above, click on the link below to hear them)


Perhaps the best debut album put out by any band, ever. Some great slide guitar and guitar weaving on this album. Ronnie van Zant's voice is tops. Pronouced 'leh-nerd'skin-nerd includes several classic songs, the best one amongst all of them is "Freebird". Many pick this song as rock's best ever. Alan Collins's wailing lead guitar on "Freebird" is perfect, not to mention the great weaving guitar he plays with Gary Rossington, too. Rossington's lead guitar work on most of the other songs is just as hot, especially on "Tuesday's Gone". Also some fine piano on this song by Billy Powell too. "Simple Man" is another fine ballad with most of its strength coming from Ronnie's vocals. Then there is the fun loving song "Gimme Three Steps", reminds me of the old song "Come A little Bit Closer (your my kind of man)", but will a different beat.

You just knew after this release that this band was gonna release some more great LPs in the years to come, and a few did follow, but too bad that damn plane had to go down, as it really lead to the end of the real Lynyrd Skynyrd band.

- Keno 2000

To listen to some soundclips from Pronouced 'leh-nerd'skin-nerd or to purchase it click on: (Pronounced 'leh-nerd'skin-nerd)

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