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Released - January 12, 1969 on Atlantic Records. Produced by Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page - Electric, Acoustic & Pedal Steel Guitars, Backing Vocal
Robert Plant - Lead Vocals, Harmonica
John Bonham - Drums, Tympani, Backing Vocal
John Paul Jones - Bass Guitar, Organ, Backing Vocal


Viram Jasnai - Tabla Drums on "Black Mountain Slide"

SONG  (written by) RATING
Good Times Bad Times  (Bonham/Jones/Page)    9.3
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (Bennett/Bredon/Darling)    9.0
You Shook Me (Dixon/Lenoir)    7.5
Dazed and Confused (Page) 10.0
Your Time Is Gonna Come (Jones/Page)    7.5
Black Mountain Side (Page)    6.6
Communication Breakdown  (Bonham/Jones/Page) 10.0
I Can't Quit You Baby (Dixon)    7.4
How Many More Times  (Bonham/Jones/Page)    7.7
Ave.    8.3


This was the very first album put out by Led Zeppelin, and as you played this album for the first time in 1969, you knew that this group was going to be big. The two main things that stuck out about this band was Jimmy Page's guitar playing, which in those days were still referred to as "acid guitar", and John Bonham's very hard hitting, but still clean, drumming. Robert Plant's vocals also seemed to fit perfectly in to this new style of playing, and with John Paul Jones' steady bass lines, the early stages of Heavy Metal were being played out for all to hear.

Yes, this band was influenced by the Blues, yet the two songs on here that are blues tunes - although very good songs, for me anyway, this wasn't where they shinned the brightest. Perhaps their metal like blues playing was a bit too wild for what I want to grove to when I need a helping of the blues. So it was a few other songs that turned me on to this LP.

"Communication Breakdown" is the best song on this album, no question. Short and sweet sums this one up, with some excellent vocals by Plant that put this tune over the top. "Dazed and Confused" is another winner, as are "Good Times Bad Times" and "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You".

This is not their best album, but it is still excellent, and what it lead to makes it one LP that all metal fans should check out.

- Keno 2008

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