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Released - Oct 22, 1969 , Atlantic Records. Produced by Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page - Electric, Acoustic & Pedal Steel Guitars, Backing Vocal
Robert Plant - Lead Vocals, Harmonica
John Bonham - Drums, Tympani, Backing Vocal
John Paul Jones - Bass Guitar, Organ, Backing Vocal

All Songs written by Page & Plant unless otherwise noted.

Whole Lotta Love (Bonham/Dixon/Jones/Page/Plant)   10.0
What Is and What Should Never Be   10.0
Lemon Song (Bonham/Jones/Page/Plant)     7.6
Thank You   10.0
Heartbreaker (Bonham/Jones/Page/Plant)     8.1
Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)     8.5
Ramble On     7.9
Moby Dick (Bonham/Jones/Page)   10.0
Bring It on Home     8.0
Ave.   8.89


Where the blues and heavy metal meet. That is the best way to describe this masterpiece of an album. Led Zeppelin II was a model for all the soon to come heavy metal bands. "Whole Lotta Love", the best song here, was perhaps one of the very first songs that made anyone want to bang their head. But even when they mellowed out on "Thank You" they still sparkled. "Moby Dick" shows us just why John Bonham was so great a drummer. His drum solo is the centerpiece of the song and is the best one ever recorded on a rock record.

I hadn't listened to this whole album in ages, but it sounds as good today as it did all those years ago.

- Keno 2000

To listen to some soundclips from II or to purchase it click on: Led Zeppelin II (Deluxe CD Edition)

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