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Released - August 3 , 1973, Tamla Records. Produced by Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder - Lead & Backing Vocals, Electric, Acoustic & Bass Guitars, Drums & Pecussion, Keyboards & Synthesizers, Harmonica
Stevie plays all the instruments on the album, except on the following songs:

Visions: Malcolm Cecil - Bass
Dean Parks - Acoustic Guitar
David "T" Walker - Electric Guitar
Golden Lady: Clarence Bell - Organ
Ralph Hammer - Acoustic Guitar
Larry "Nastyee" Latimer - Congas

All In Love Is Fair: Scott Edwards - Bass

Don't You Worrry 'Bout A Thing: Yusuf Roahman - Shaker
Sheila Wilkerson - Bongos

He's Misstra Know-It-All: Willie Weeks - Bass

Backup Singers For "Too High": Lani Groves, Tasha Thomas, Jim Gilstrap

All songs written by Stevie Wonder.

Too High     7.5
Visions     7.0
Living For The City   10.0
Golden Lady     7.3
Higher Ground     8.2
Jesus Childern Of Americia     6.3
All In Love Is Fair     6.1
Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing     9.2
He's Misstra Know-It-All     6.8
Ave.     7.6


An album from Stevie Wonder with lots of political messages including anti drug and anti poverty. "Living For The City" has to go down as one of the best songs ever about life in the ghetto and how hard it can be to climb out of. Stevie plays all the instruments on this powerful song. His haunting synthesizer throughout the song sets the pace nicely. Another song where the use of his synthesizer is also tops is on "Higher Ground", which gives it a great funky feel.

The two most positive thinking songs on this album are "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing" and "Higher Ground". Both offer hope of better things to come. In the case of "Higher Ground", Stevie sings about being reincarnated and not blowing his second chance: "I'm so glad he let me try it again/Cause my last time on Earth I lived a whole world of sin" Yeah, I'll say that's heavy! The whole album is!

- Keno 2000

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