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Houses Of The Holy

Released - March 28, 1973 , Atlantic Records. Produced by Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page - Electric, Acoustic & Steel Guitars
Robert Plant - Lead Vocals, Lead & Backing Vocals on "No Quarter"
John Bonham - Drums, Tympani, Backing Vocal on "No Quarter"
John Paul Jones - Bass Guitar, Mellotron, Synthesizers, Piano, Organ, Backing Vocal on "No Quarter"

All Songs written by Page & Plant unless otherwise noted.

Song Remains the Same   10.0
Rain Song     6.6
Over the Hills and Far Away   10.0
The Crunge (Bonham/Jones/Page/Plant)   10.0
Dancing Days     8.0
D'Yer Mak'er (Bonham/Jones/Page/Plant)     9.0
No Quarter (Jones/Page/Plant)     7.0
Ocean (Bonham/Jones/Page/Plant)     8.4
Ave   8.62


Another super LP put out by LZ. Not as heavy as some of their others but still packs a punch! The opening song, "Song Remains the Same," is metal, that's for sure, and Jimmy Page's guitars are on fire. "Rain Song" then slows the album down some but it picks up again with "Over the Hills and Far Away". "The Crunge" has an almost funky beat to it thanks to John Paul  Jones' synthesizer. Plus how about "D'Yer Mak'er" (title pronounced as: "Did-Ya-Make-Her"), yeah that's a reggae beat but not like you ever heard it before this song played. As usual the band plays brilliantly through this album, this one's a keeper!

- Keno 2001

To listen to some soundclips from Houses Of The Holy or to purchase it click on: Houses Of The Holy (Deluxe CD Edition)

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