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First Released - August 3, 1979 on Epic Records. Produced by Robert John "Mutt" Lange

Bon Scott - Lead and Backing Vocals
Angus Young - Lead Guitar
Malcolm Young - Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals
Cliff Williams - Bass and Backing Vocals
Phil Rudd - Drums

All songs written by: Bon Scott, Malcolm Young and Angus Young

SONG                                             RATING
Highway to Hell   10.0
Girls Got Rhythm   10.0
Walk All Over You     8.0
Touch Too Much     8.0
Beating Around the Bush     8.2
Shot Down in Flames     7.8
Get It Hot     7.0
If You Want Blood (You've Got It)     7.2
Love Hungry Man     6.7
Night Prowler     7.8
Ave    8.07


Highway To Hell is yet another top notched album released by AC/DC. Boy can this band get down and play hard rock 'n roll! You can really feel the energy that comes from their music when you listen to them play! Too bad this was the last album we would get to hear vocalist Bon Scott on, as he would die just half a year after it's release, and the group was just starting to hit their peak at this point. As great as AC/DC turned out to be after his death, they still would have been that much better had he lived.

Not only does their music grab you on this album, so do the vocals and lyrics, both raw, wild, sexual, and to the point, too. The opening title cut, "Highway To Hell", goes down as my favorite heavy metal song, not only does the band play perfect here, the song's vocal delivery is not only laid on your ears in a fine devilish fashion, but the 'in your face' and 'I don't care' shot the lyrics take at those who put down rock music, is very evident,... "Leave me be!" and "Don't Stop Me!" cries Scott, as his way of saying I will live my life as I see fit - not the way you want me to live, and I don't give a damn what you might think of me.

The album's following song, "Girls Got Rhythm" is also another winner, a rock n roll song about rock and rolling with a true lover. Yes, this type of song has been done a million times by many other rockers, so whenever any one band can say it in yet another fine yet different way, you just gotta love it.

The key to AC/DC - and this LP, is that constant output from Angus Young's guitar, this is why they went on after Scott's untimely death. The few songs on here that lack just a small amount of that energy, turn out to be  it's weaker cuts, but they are still good songs. One mellow song that is very good is the album's closer, "Night Prowler". You know they had to get the inspiration for this song from the Stones "Midnight Rambler", the lyrics on this one could fit into that song just fine without missing a beat.

What a last great effort Bon Scott left us with in Highway To Hell, if it's been a long time since you last played this one, well get it out right now and grab a cold one, and give it another spin!

- - Keno 2005

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