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Released - Spring, 1969, on Reprise Records. Produced by Neil Young & David Briggs

Neil Young - Lead & Backing Vocals, Lead and Weaving Guitars

Crazy Horse:

Danny Whitten - Rhythm & Weaving Guitars, Backing Vocals
Billy Talbot - Bass
Ralph Molina - Drums


Robin Lane - Vocal Harmonies on "Round & Round"
Bobby Notkoff - Violin on "Running Dry"

All song written by Neil Young



Cinnamon Girl   10.0
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere     9.1
Round & Round (It Won't Be Long)     6.9
Down by the River   10.0
Losing End (When You're On)     7.3
Running Dry (Requiem for the Rockets)     6.9
Cowgirl in the Sand   10.0
Ave.     8.6


Neil Young's second solo album, recorded with his new backing band, Crazy Horse, is one beauty. Although there are a few country like songs found on here, it's more of a heavy rocker, filled with great guitar riffs and weaving. The LP's two best songs clock in at just under twenty minutes and are both filled with extended guitar interplaying between Young and Danny Whitten, what a fantastic sound! "Down by the River" (9:13) has some strange lyrics, a tale about a guy who killed his lover and now is on the make for a new one. Such a tune, which takes killing so lightly, well you would not have expected this in 1969 coming from a hippie dude; especially when love and peace still was what was mainly being sung back then. "Cowgirl in the Sand" (10:30), is one of the greatest guitar driven rock songs ever record, if you love guitar rock and weaving guitars, there isn't any way you cannot dig this song!

There is one more song that rates a pure ten on this album, "Cinnamon Girl". This number is the one that starts off the guitar attack for Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, as it is the LP's opening tune. In a short time "Cinnamon Girl" would become a fan favorite. The title cut, "Everybody Knows This is Nowhere", is a country sounding tune and the best of the mellow songs on the album; it's also the shortest cut on the LP (at 2:26).

All in all, there are only seven tracks on this album, but if any album proves it's not the quantity, but the quality that counts, it's Everybody Knows This is Nowhere!

-Keno 2005

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