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Dark Side Of The Moon

Released - March 24, 1973, CBS Records. Produced by Pink Floyd

Roger Waters - Vocals, Bass Guitar, Synthesizer, Tape Effects
David Gilmour - Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Synthesizer
Richard Wright - Keyboards, Vocals, Synthesizer
Nick Mason - Percussion, Drums, Tape Effects

Additional Personnel: Doris Troy, Lesley Duncan, Dick Parry, Barry St. John, Liza Strike, Claire Torry

All lyrics written by Roger Waters. Music written by members of Pink Floyd, see below.

Speak to Me/Breathe in the Air (Gilmour/Mason/Waters/Wright)      7.8
On the Run (Gilmour/Waters)      7.0
Time (Gilmour/Mason/Waters/Wright)      8.4
The Great Gig in the Sky (Wright)      7.2
Money (Waters)    10.0
Us and Them (Waters/Wright)      9.0
Any Colour You Like (Gilmour/Mason/Wright)      6.6
Brain Damage (Waters)      10.0
Eclipse (Waters)      9.5
Ave.    8.37


This is one of those albums that is very hard to rate on a song by song basic. You really have to rate it overall as a collection of all the songs rolled into one.

David Gilmour's guitar solos sound real clean, as does Nick Mason's percussion. But overall, there are lots of tapes and synthesizers all over this entire album. Back when this first came out and synthesizers were still new, I would have given almost every song on here a 10. Of course the album is still great today, but not like the old days when I would listen to this album after a few bong hits and play it real loud. I found (sadly) that I had to turn down the volume a bit the last time I played it, and could only wish I was comfortably numb like years ago. But still this album can still take me places today, even if it is only a trip down memory lane. 

- Keno 2000

To listen to some soundclips from Dark Side Of The Moon or to purchase it click on: The Dark Side of the Moon or The Dark Side of the Moon

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