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Released - in 1975, on Elektra Records. Produced by Richard Perry, expcept track 1 produced by Eddie Kramer, tracks 3 & 9 produced by Paul Samwell-Smith.

Carly Simon  - Lead & Backing Vocals; Piano; Acoustic Guitar on tracks 7 & 9


Jim Keltner - Drums on tracks 3, 5, 6 & 8
Jim Gordon
- Drums on tracks 6, 7 & 9
Andy Newmark - Percussion & or Drums on tracks 2, 4 & 9
Jimmy Johnson - Drums on track 1
Ray Cooper - Conga on tracks 2 & 8
Eddie Bongo - Conga on track 10
Jim Ryan - Bass on tracks 2, 4 & 9; Acoustic Guitar on tracks 3 & 5; Electric Guitar on tracks 4, 6, 7, 8 & 9
Klaus Voormann - Bass on tracks 3, 5, 6, 7 & 8
John Ryan - Bass on track 10; Acoustic Bass on track 4
Willie Weeks - Bass on track 10
Tony Levin - Bass on track 1
James Taylor - Vocal Harmonies on track 3; Lead Acoustic Guitar on track 5
Robbie Robertson - Lead Electric Guitar on track 3
Andrew Gold - Guitar on track 10
Paul Glanz - Piano on tracks 4 & 9
Dr. John - Piano & Organ on track 3
Paul Griffin - Piano on track 1
Nicky Hopkins - Piano on track 8
Bobby Keys - Baritone Saxophone on track 3; Tenor Saxophone on track 8
Michael Brecker - Tenor Saxophone on track 3
Mick Jagger - Backing Vocals on track 6
Paul & Linda McCartney - Backing Vocals on track 8
Carole King - Backing Vocals on track 10
Other Backing Vocals - On track 2 - Vicki Brown, Liza Strike; On track 5 - Lani Groves, Carl Hall & Tasha Thomas; On track 8 - Bonnie Bramlett & Doris Troy, On track 10 - Abigale Haness & Kenny Moore

All songs written by Carly Simon except Track 1, 5 & 9  by C. Simon & J. Brackman; Track 3 by I Foxx, C. Foxx & J. Taylor; Track 9 by J. Taylor




1 That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should Be 1970 10.0
2 The Right Thing to Do 1972   7.1
3 Mockingbird 1974 10.0
4 Legend in Your Own Time 1971   9.4
5 Haven't Got Time for the Pain 1974   9.0
6 You're So Vain 1972 10.0
7 We Have No Secrets 1972   7.0
8 Night Owl 1972   7.2
9 Anticipation 1971   9.0
10 Attitude Dancing 1975   8.6
Ave. 8.73


This was Carly Simon's first greatest hits album to be released, which covers her early hits up to the mid 1970s. Overall a mellow group of songs for somebody with such powerful vocals, but there are some rockers found in this package, too.

Of course Carly's most famous song is included here, "Your So Vain", from the 1972's LP No Secrets. This song not only went to number 1 on the charts, but when it first came out, and for years to come, everybody wanted to know who she was singing about (even today some still wonder), really, it was a more asked question than "Who shot JR?". Carly never did really say who the song was about, with most figuring it was either her then husband James Taylor, actor Warren Beatty, or rocker Mick Jagger - who sang backing vocals on the song. For the most part it is believe to be about Beatty. But whenever anybody hears the name Carly Simon today, it seems that this song is first thing to flash in their minds.Yet Carly had so many other great songs - and in the '70s alone.

My favorite number on here is a song she shares vocal harmonies with her hubby James on, "Mockingbird". Really, it sounds more like shared lead vocals and not so much harmonies, as they sing most of the lyrics in different keys and trade off each line one after another, excellently done, I'll add.

Carly's first single and first hit, "That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should Be", is the third best song found on here. A very strange song indeed if you consider the way she handles the subject matter, that being about a young lady who just got engaged. Nothing too unusual about that other than you know this unhappy person and her upcoming marriage would have no chance of lasting if this is the outlook she is gonna take into it. But there is something very intoxicating about this song that just draws you into listening closely to it, perhaps what she has to say really is true - for some, no question, it is.

"Legend in Your Own Time" is another somewhat sad song about a loser in a dream world who doesn't want to really grow up. You might ask if this was written about the same guy who Billy Joel sings about in "Captain Jack". But I guess we all know these types of young people, which again will draw you to the song.

There are two more songs on this LP that I really dig, even if now I can only think of the TV commercials made out of them several years ago -  "Haven't Got Time for the Pain" (became an ad for a pain-relief pill), and "Anticipation" (ad made with the song playing in the backround to help sell ketchup of all things).

In 2004 Reflections: Carly Simon's Greatest Hits, was released and includes some of these songs plus ones that came out years later, but if your looking for her best from the '70s, this one is for you.

- Keno 2006

To listen to some soundclips from THE BEST OF CARLY SIMON or to purchase it, click on: The Best of Carly Simon

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