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Released - November 8, 1976 on Apple Records. Tracks 1 thru 7 produced by George Martin; Tracks 8, 10, 11 & 13 produced by George Harrison & Phil Spector; Tracks 9 & 12 produced by George Harrison

George Harrison - Lead Vocals; Lead, Rhythm & Slide Guitars; Bass; Keyboards


John Lennon - Rhythm Guitars, Percussion, Keyboards, Backing Vocals on tracks 1 thru 7; Slide Guitar on track 6
Paul McCartney - Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals on tracks 1 thru 7
Ringo Starr - Drums, Percussion
Alan White - Drums, Percussion
Jim Gordon - Drums, Percussion
Jim Keltner - Drums, Percussion
Klaus Voormann - Bass
Eric Clapton - Lead Guitar on track 7
Nicky Hopkins - Piano on track 9
Bobby Keys - Sax on track 10
Carl Radle - Bass on track 12
Leon Russell - Piano on track 12
Gary Wright - Organ/synthesizer on track 12
Jim Horn - Sax on track 12

All songs written by George Harrison



Something 1969 10.0
If I Needed Someone 1965   7.0
Here Comes The Sun 1969 10.0
Taxman 1966 10.0
Think For Yourself 1965   7.2
For You Blue 1970 10.0
While My Guitar Gently Weeps 1968 10.0
My Sweet Lord 1970 10.0
Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) 1973 10.0
You 1975   9.0
Bangladesh 1971   7.0
Dark Horse 1974   8.7
What Is Life 1970 10.0
Ave. 9.15



George Harrison will always be remembered as the third Beatle, but he did put out a few good to great solo albums, too. This is the only officially released greatest hits album of Harrison's that has both his best with the Beatles combined with his best solo stuff. But then again, it doesn't, as a few of these songs (the lower rated ones above) never should had make their way on here. George had several better songs when this came out in 1976 that were skipped over. Where the hell is the great "Piggies"? Or how about another Beatles tune he wrote "You Like Me Too Much", or solo wise where is "Wah-Wah"? Isn't it a pity that "Isn't it a Pity' is nowhere to be found on here? Yes, indeed it is, along with a few others that are missing.

But there are the gems that George wrote to be found on this best of LP too, and they alone are worth the price of the CD. Of course "Something", which many fans point to as his best song ever, is included, but for me "Here Comes The Sun" was the best thing George ever sang and played his guitar to, with "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" close behind that one. Two more cool ones and the last two great songs to note from his Beatles years on this LP are "Taxman" and "For You Blue".

From his solo works, "My Sweet Lord" is the best of the bunch, a excellent song, but too bad the publisher of "He's So Fine," sued George for copyright infringement, with mellow George not even trying to fight it back. He should have, as there really were no grounds, the similarities between the two songs are very few.

"Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)" is another song written to his Hindu God, perhaps a bit too much sounding like "My Sweet Lord", but it is still a great number. "What Is Life" is only one of two songs ("My Sweet Lord" the other one) coming off his great triple solo album, All Things Must Pass. Heck, they could have taken another 3 or 4 from that LP alone. Yet they found room for "Bangladesh" on here, which isn't really too good, but I'll still give it a nice rating since its message and the charity concert that it was a part of, did help to save many young lives back in 1971.

That was the way George Harrison was, a very kind and caring hippie who gave back to his fellow man. He really did leave us too soon,  we need more people like him walking amongst us these days.

- Keno 2006

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