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After The Gold Rush

Released - Summer of 1970, Reprise Records. Produced by Neil Young and David Briggs with Kendall Pacious

Neil Young - Lead & Backing Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Piano, Harmonica, Vibes

Danny Whitten: Rhythm Guitar and Guitar Solos, Backing Vocals
Billy Talbot: Bass Guitar
Ralph Molina: Drums and Backing Vocals
Jack Nitzsche: Piano

Additional Personnel: Greg Reeves, Nils Lofgren, Steven Stills, Susan Young,  Bill Peterson

All songs written by Neil Young except Oh, Lonesome Me written by Don Gibson.

Tell Me Why     6.9
After The Gold Rush     8.0
Only Love Can Break Your Heart   10.0
Southern Man   10.0
Till The Morning Comes     8.0
Oh, Lonesome Me     5.4
Don't Let It Bring You Down     6.1
Birds     5.5
When You Dance You Can Really Love     7.1
I Believe In You     5.9
Cripple Creek Ferry     6.9
Ave.   7.25


A nice pice of work put out by Neil Young. After The Gold Rush was recorded after Neil joined CSN&Y and recorded Deja Vu with them. From what we find here I would say he left his best work off of Deja Vu and kept it for this one. But most of these songs would not have worked as well for Deja Vu, since they are not real sing-a-longs, except maybe "Only Love Can Break Your Heart", which would have sounded great if used on Deja Vu. Of course you only have to listen to this song to know it still came out fine on this album.

"Southern Man" is the best song on this one. Neil's guitar riff here helps makes this hard rock song a classic. I also have always loved it when Neil plays some country, but his cover of Don Gibson's "Oh, Lonesome Me" just doesn't cut it for me. Its one of those songs that I always skip over when I play this album. There's a couple of other songs here that I'm not crazy about, as you can see in my song ratings, but overall a much better than average LP.

- Keno, 2001

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